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I would fain be a clerk / But yet it is a strange work
The Schoolboy’s Lament — six 5-line stanzas (aaaab) with refrain, ‘What avaylith it me thowgh I say nay’, and burden: ‘Hay hay by this day / What avayleth it me thowgh I say nay’
Title(s): The Schoolboy’s Lament
Subjects: carols; laments; schoolboys
Versification: — five-line, two-line — aaaab, aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 601 (SC 1491), f. 115v
munday in þe morning y vp rise
at sene aclock at my deuise
to scole y must in eny wyse
Note: Fragment.
Greene, Richard Leighton. The Early English Carols. Oxford: Clarendon, 1935; 2nd ed., rev., Oxford: Clarendon, 1977 (see also Greene (1935)): 246.
2.Source: Oxford, Balliol College 354, p. 5111
First Lines:
I wold ffayn be a clarke
but yet his is a strange werke…
Last Lines:
…ffor if he were dede I wold not care
What vaylith me thowgh I say nay
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