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DIMEV 2343
IMEV 1408
NIMEV 1408
If a man or woman more or less / In his head have great…
A collection of medical receipts — in couplets
Note: Includes Ringler Jr. (1992), TM 276.
Subjects: medicine; recipes, medical
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.14.39 (911), Part II, ff. 1v-3v
First Lines:
Who so haue sore pappys or bolnyng
Make þis playster for any thynge…
Last Lines:
…& put it in a good grett clovte
& þer with wynde þi hed a bowte
Note: 100 lines, with headings above each recipe; a disarranged and defective text, partly written as prose, corresponding to Stockholm, Royal Library, Stockholm X.90 as follows: lines 201-4 with introductory couplet, 327-342, 161-6, 445-454 variant, 8 lines on ‘dropesye’, 4 lines on ‘palsey’, 6 lines on ‘totheache’, 167-170 variant, 297-302 variant, 8 lines on ‘flykkys’, 9-16, 19-26, 33-52.
2.Source: London, British Library Addit. 17866, ff. 16-21v
First Lines:
Iff a man or womman more or lesse
In his hede haue grett seiknesse…
Last Lines:
…With þe Ious anoynte the feloun well
In plaister lay one þat other dele
Note: Recorded as beginning on f. 5 in Brown and Robbins (1943); rubric headings between varying numbers of couplets indicate disease for which the recipe should be applied, as “ffor the hede werke” at beginning of the verse (f. 16); follows immediately after 4171 without a break.
Garrett, Robert Max. “Middle English Rimed Medical Treatise.” Anglia 34 (1911): 163-93: 183-93.
3.Source: Stockholm, Royal Library, Stockholm X.90, pp. 35-47
Note: With 8 introductory lines.
Stephens, George. “Extracts in Prose and Verse from an Old English Medical Manuscript preserved in the Royal Library at Stockholm.” Archaeologia 30 (1844): 349-418; repr. London, 1844: 349-63.
Holthausen, Ferdinand. “Medicinische gedichte aus einer Stockholmer handscrift.” Anglia 18 (1896): 293-331: 295-307.
Müller, Gottfried. Aus Mittelenglischen Medizin-texten. Kölner Anglistische Arbeiten 10. Leipzig: Tauchitz, 1929.
4.Source: New York, Pierpont Morgan Library B.21 [olim Phillipps 7008; Katherine Fenwick; Thomas FitzRoy Fenwick; Alan George Fenwick; William H. Robinson Ltd., London; their sale, London, Sotheby’s, July 17, 1950, lot 27; purchased for Curt F. Bühler at Sotheby’s (London, Feb. 28, 1955, lot 169) by E.P. Goldschmidt, London], ff. 45v-49v
First Lines:
Now haue y told ȝou þow y it ȝelpe
Of gressys þat most mown men do helpe
How þei waxyn hey & lowe
And wherby aman may hem knowe…
Last Lines:
…Skwm of þe ouerest twye or thryye
& þou lat it stonde & kele & drye
Note: 202 lines.
5.Source: San Marino, CA, Henry Huntington Library HM 64 [olim Phillipps 6883], ff. 113va-114va
First Lines:
In 4 partes of euery man
By gynnes the sickenys that ye han…
Last Lines:
…This is provid trewe Iwis
To cleere the sight goode hit is
Note: Written as prose, with red highlights for initials of each line.
Attributed Title: HEre bygynnys a boke of many medycins for many evilles that spryngithe in mankynde The whiche medicyns the wyse leche Galian & Aschofus and Ipocras maden in here tyme & othere lechis sethen have occupyed them for helpynge of man & hathe wreten hem here in Scripture & for eysy vnderstondynge here have I drawe hem oute of dyuers longage in to englisshe tonge. Hic incipit medicine optime probate (f. 113v)
Hanna, Ralph, ed. “The Index of Middle English Verse and Huntington Library Collections: A Checklist of Addenda.” Publications of the Bibliographical Society of America 74 (1980): 235-58: 244-6 (excerpts).
6.Source: New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Library, Takamiya Deposit 46, ff. 3-20v
First Lines:
Moder of gres qwo so hem sekes
Says Ipocras ere vnset lekes
In lechecraft many & fele
Seke men with þem to hele…
Last Lines:
…With þe ious anoynte the felon wele
In plaister lay one þat othere dele
Attributed Title: Hic incipient virtutes herbarum (f. 3)