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DIMEV 2453
IMEV 1454
NIMEV 1454
In a noon tide of a summers day
Reuertere’ — fifteen 8-line stanzas
Title(s): Reuertere
Versification: — eight-line — ababbcbc

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Balliol College 354, p. 332
First Lines:
In a tyme of a somers day
The sune shon full meryly þat tyde…
Last Lines:
…& ofte to fall in wykyd thowght
And than ys best Revertere
Note: Stanzas 1-3 and 11 only.
Attributed Title: Incipit (p. 332); Explicit Reuertere (p. 332)
Early Manuscripts at Oxford University: Facsimile of Oxford, Balliol MS 354. (
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2.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College O.9.38 (1450), ff. 22-23
First Lines:
yn a noone hete of somerday
The sone schone full mery that tyde…
Last Lines:
…And ofte to fall yn wykkyd sorte
Then ys the beste keuertere
Note: 11 stanzas.
Attributed Title: Explicit Materia Ista (f. 23)
3.Source: London, Lambeth Palace Library 853, pp. 61-66
First Lines:
IN noon tyd of asomers day
Þe sunne schoon ful myrei þat tide
I took myn hauk al for to play
Mi spaynel rennyng bi my side…
Last Lines:
…Þerfore pray we to heuene kijng
Euery man in his degreee
To graunte them þe blis euerlastinge
Þat þis word weel kan seie reuertere
Note: Written as prose. Quire [6] bound before Quire [5], which page numbering takes into account.
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