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DIMEV 2462
IMEV 1461
NIMEV 1461
In a thester study I stood a little strife to hear
Debate between the Body and the Soul — twenty-seven four-line stanzas, the first with medial rhyme
Note: See also 6339.
Subjects: debates, body and soul; body and soul, debate between
Versification: — four-line — aaaa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Digby 86 (SC 1687), ff. 195v-197v
First Lines:
Hon an þester stude I stod an luitel strif to here
Hof an bodi þat was oungod þer hit lai on þe bere…
Last Lines:
…þenne seiz þe gost weilavei and þer affter alas
Wo worþe þat ilke stounde bodi þat þou boren was
Attributed Title: Hic incipit carmen inter corpus & animam (f. 195v)
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2.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College B.14.39 (323), ff. 29v-32
First Lines:
In an þestrei stude ic stod a lutel strif to iheren
Of an bodi þat was ungoid ser hit lei on one bere…
Last Lines:
…Jesus crist us grantein his seruise to henden
& þe blisse of hevene mid engles into wenden
Note: 31 stanzas
Attributed Title: Hic incipit carmen inter corpus & animam (f. 195v)
3.Source: London, British Library Harley 2253, ff. 57-58v
First Lines:
IN a þestri stude y stod a lutel strif to here
of a body þat was vn god þer hit lay on a bere…
Last Lines:
…to wroþere hele þat euer we in londe comen here
to þin holp halewen crist bring vs alle yfere amen.
Note: Thirty stanzas, interspersed with couplets
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