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In May when Flora the fresh lusty queen
John Lydgate, The Complaint of the Black Knight — 665 lines in rhyme royal stanzas and Envoy of two 8-line stanzas
Note: For another Envoy cf. 4091; for extract occurring separately cf. 6245
Author(s): John Lydgate
Title(s): The Complaint of the Black Knight (Lydgate)
Subjects: May, poems of; complaints, lovers’; envoys; love, vicissitudes of
Versification: — seven-line, eight-line — ababbcc, ababbcbc

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Digby 181 (SC 1782), f. 31-39
First Lines:
IN May whanne fflora the lusty Quene
The soill hath cladde in grene rede and whight…
Last Lines:
…Exiled be that I may not atteyn
Resoun to ffynde of myn aduersite
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 638 (SC 2078), ff. 1-4v
First Lines:
…So doth this god with his sharp flone
The trew sleith & letith the fals gone…
Last Lines:
…Exiled be that I may not atteyne
Recure to fynde of myne aduersyte
Note: Begins imperfectly at line 468
Attributed Title: [The Complaynte] Of a louers lyfe (f. 1; RT); Explicit the Compleynt of a loveres life (f. 4v)
Robinson, Pamela. “Introduction.” Manuscript Bodley 638: A Facsimile. Norman, OK: Pilgrim, and Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer, 1982.
3.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Arch. Selden B. 24 (SC 3354), ff. 120v-129v
First Lines:
In Maye quhan fflora the fresche Lusty quene
The suyl hath cladde In rede quhite grene aricht…
Last Lines:
…Exiled ben þat I may nocht atteyne
Recouer to fynd of myn aduersitee
Attributed Author: here endith the maying and disport of Chaucere (f. 129v)
Attributed Title: here endith the maying and disport of Chaucere (f. 129v)
Boffey, Julia, and A. S. G. Edwards, eds. Chaucer, Works. Bodleian Library MS Arch Selden B.24: Facsimile Edition. Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 1995.
4.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Fairfax 16 (SC 3896), ff. 20-30
First Lines:
In May when fflora the fressh lusty quene
the soyle hath clad in grene rede and white…
Last Lines:
…exiled be that I may not ateyne
recure to fynde of hym aduersite
Norton-Smith, John. “Introduction.” Bodleian Library MS Fairfax 16. London: Scolar Press, 1979.
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5.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Tanner 346 (SC 10173), ff. 48v-59
First Lines:
In may when flora the fressh lusty quene
The soyl hath clad in red grene and white…
Last Lines:
…Exiled be that I may noghte attayne
Recure to fynde Of myn aduersite
Robinson, Pamela. “Introduction.” Manuscript Tanner 346: A Facsimile. Norman, OK: Pilgrim, and Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer, 1980.
Urry, John, ed. The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. London: B. Lintot, 1721: 451.
6.Source: Cambridge UK, Magdalene College Pepys 2006, pp. 1-17
First Lines:
[I]n may quhen flora the fresche lusty quene
The soille hadde cladde in grene redde & whyt…
Last Lines:
…Exilet be þat I may not attayn
Recure to fynd of my aduersite
Edwards, A. S. G. “Introduction.” Manuscript Pepys 2006: A Facsimile. Magdalen College, Cambridge. Norman, OK: Pilgrim, and [Woodbridge, Suffolk]: Boydell and Brewer, 1985.
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7.Source: London, British Library Addit. 16165, ff. 190v-200v
First Lines:
Yn may whanne flourra þe freshe lusty qwene
þe soyle haþe cladde in grene whit and red…
Last Lines:
…Exyled beon þat I may not atteyne
Rekoner to fynde of myne aduersite
Attributed Author: …made by Lydegate (f. 190)
Attributed Title: And here filowyng begynneþe a Right lusty amoerous balade made in wyse of complaynt of a Right worshipfull knyght þat truly euer serued his lady enduryng grete disese by fals envye and malebouche made by Lydegate (f. 190)
8.Source: Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland 16500 [formerly Acc. 4233; Asloan MS], ff. 293-298v; 243-246v; 299-300v
First Lines:
IN May quhen flora þe fresche lusty qwene
The sule has clad in reid quhyte grene aricht…
Last Lines:
…Exild bene þat I may not atteyne
Recovir to fynd of myne aduirsite
Note: Transcript of Chepman and Myllar, 1508.
Attributed Title: Heir begynnis þe mayng and disport of Chauceir (f. 293); Heir endis þe mayng and disport of Chaucer per m. Jo. Asloan (f. 300v)
Craigie, William Alexander. The Asloan Manuscript. 2 vols. Scottish Text Society n.s. 14, 16. Edinburgh, London: Blackwood, 1923, 192: 2.247-70.

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 17014.3. Lydgate, John, The Complaynt of the Black Knight, Chepman and Myllar, 1508 (STC 17014.3; formerly STC 5099)
First Lines:
IN may quhen flora the fresche lusty quene
the suyl hath cladde in redde quhyte grene aright…
Last Lines:
…Be thy meke mene that place in hevin to wyn
That ordanyt was for Abraham & his kyn
Note: A nineteenth-century transcript is Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Library La.III.450/1 [olim Laing 450].
Attributed Author: chaucer (sig. a.1)
Attributed Title: Here begynnys the mayng or disport of chaucer (sig. a.i); Heir endis the maying and disport of chaucer Imprentit in the south gait of Edinburgh be Walter chepman and Androw myllar the fourth day of aperyle the yhere of god M CCCCC and viii yheris (sig. b.6)
Beattie, William. “Introduction.” The Chepman and Myllar Prints: Nine Tracts from the First Scottish Press, Edinburgh, 1508 Followed by the Two other Tracts in the same Volume in the National Library of Scotland. Edinburgh: Edinburgh Bibliographical Society, 1950: 109-33.
Laing, David, ed. The Knightly Tale of Golagros and Gawane and other ancient poems. repr. of Chepman and Myllar 1508. Edinburgh, 1827.
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2.Source: STC 17014.7. Lydgate, John, The Complaynt of a Louers Lyfe [= of the Black Knight], de Worde, [1531?]
Dibdin, Thomas Frognall, ed. Th Complaint of a lover’s life. Controyersy between a lover and a jay. Roxburghe Club 18. 1818.
3.Source: Geoffrey Chaucer, Workes, Thynne, 1532 , ff. 307va-311va
First Lines:
In May whan Flora þe fresshe lusty quene
The soyle hath clad in grene reed & whyght…
Last Lines:
…Exiled be that I may not attayne
Recure to fynde of myne aduersyte
Attributed Title: The complaynt of the blacke knyght (f. 307va)
Chalmers, Alexander, ed. The Works of the English Poets from Chaucer to Cowper. London, 1810; repr. New York: Greenwood, 1969: 1.338-44.
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