The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
DIMEV 2629
IMEV 1567
NIMEV TP 926.4
In the time of Arthur as true men me told
Golagrus and Gawain — 1362 lines in 13-line stanzas (ababababcdddc)
Title(s): Golagrus and Gawain
Subjects: romances; Arthurian literature
Versification: — thirteen-line — ababababcdddc

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 11984. The Knightly tale of Golagros and Gawane, Chepman and Myllar, 1508 , sigs. a.1-d.4v
First Lines:
IN the tyme of Arthur as trew men me tald
The king turnit on ane tyde to wart tulkane…
Last Lines:
…Baith be sey and be land
Fre as I the first fand
With outin distance
Note: Followed by 390.
Attributed Title: Heir endis the knightly tale of golagros and gawane in the south gait of Edinburgh be Walter chepman and Androw Millar the viii day of aperile the yhere of god M.CCCCC. and viii yheris (sig. d.6)
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