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Jesu Christ our savior
Libeaus Desconus — mainly in 12-line stanzas (aabbccbddbeeb)
Note: Critical edition, Kaluza (1890), (2232 lines).
Title(s): Libeaus Desconus
Subjects: romances; Arthurian literature
Versification: — twelve-line? — aabccbddbeeb

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 61 (SC 6922*), ff. 38v-59v
First Lines:
Ihesu cryst owre sauyowre
And his moder þat swete flowre
They sped them in þi nede
That lystyns of A conquerour…
Last Lines:
…ȝe schull haue þe blyssing
Of Ihesu cryst All so
Note: 2250 lines.
Attributed Title: Lybeuus Dysconius (f. 38v)
Shuffleton, George. Ashmole 61: A Compilation of Popular Middle English Verse. Kalamazoo, MI: Western Michigan University for TEAMS, 2008: 111-64; 471-81; 605-7.
2.Source: London, British Library Cotton Caligula A.II, ff. 42vb-57rb
First Lines:
Ihesu cryst oure sauyoure
And hys modyr þat swete flowre
Last Lines:
…Ihesu cryst oure sauyoure
And hys moder þat swete floure
Graunte vs alle good endynge
Note: 2130 lines. ‘Amen’ after last line.
Attributed Title: Incipit Lybeaus disconus (by scribe in upper margin, f. 42vb); Lybeaus disconus (as RT on verso leaves thereafter); Explicit libeauus desconus (by scribe in lower margin, f. 57rb); Another old poeme intitled Lybeaus Desconus (f. 1, sixteenth-century list of contents)
Ritson, Joseph, ed. Ancient English Metrical Romances. 3 vols. London, 1802; rev. Edmund Goldsmid and repr. Edinburgh: Goldlsmid, 1884: 2.90.
Hippeau, Celestin. Le Bel Inconnu. Paris: 1852, 1860: 241-330.
3.Source: London, British Library Addit. 27879, pp. 317-346
Note: 2241 lines; transcript of an early print.
Hales, John Wesley, and Frederick James Furnivall, eds. Bishop Percy’s Folio Manuscript: Ballads and Romances. 3 vols. London: Trübner, 1867-68: 2.415-97.
4.Source: London, Lambeth Palace Library 306, ff. 73-107
First Lines:
Jhesu Criste oure Savyour
And his moder þat swete ffloure…
Last Lines:
…And his moder that swete floure
Grawnte vs gode Endynge. Amen
Note: 2204 lines.
Attributed Title: a tretys of one Gyngelayne othirwyse namyd by king arthure lybeus dysconeus that was Bastard son to sir Gaweyne (f. 73, in a later hand); Explicit lybious disconyas (f. 107)
5.Source: London, Lincoln’s Inn Hale 150, ff. 4-9; 1; 10-12v
First Lines:
þew dorstest nouȝt for al þy word
Abyde þeo wynd of as weord…
Last Lines:
…And his modir þat swete flour
Spede vs at oure nede
Note: 1107 lines; very imperfect.
Attributed Title: Explicit [ ] de s[ ]r, then ‘Chauser’ written over erased word; later hands write ‘Li bieu Desconus: Known fayre un[ ]’; ‘The Story of St Libeus Disconus’ (f. 12v)
6.Source: Naples, Bibl. Nazionale, Naples XIII.B.29, pp. 87a-113b
First Lines:
[I]hc crste owre saviour
and his moder þat swete flour…
Last Lines:
…And his modir þat swete flour
To blys he vs alle bryng Amen
Note: 2230 lines.
Attributed Title: Libious Disconioris (p. 87, RT); Hic explicit liberis Disconyus (p. 113)
Wright, Thomas, and James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, eds. Reliquiae Antiquae. 2 vols. London: Smith, 1845: 2.65-7 (selections).