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DIMEV 2838
IMEV 1701
NIMEV 1701
Jesu for Thy blood Thy bleddest
A prayer by the Seven Times Christ shed His Blood — eight 6-line stanzas
Note: Stanzas 1-7 are incorporated into 491 (stanzas 4-10); for a similar prayer see 2836.
Subjects: Christ, wounds of; prayers, by Christ and His Passion
Versification: — six-line — aabccb

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Balliol College 316A, f. 110
First Lines:
Ihesu for thi blode þou bleddest
And in the firste tyme þu sheddest
In thy membre pryve
Clense me oute of lecherye…
Last Lines:
…Of al my synnes pardon
And bryng vs to hevene aboue
Note: Added by original scribe to last folio of volume, to fill out quire.
Brown, Carleton Fairchild, ed. Religious Lyrics of the XVth Century. Oxford: Clarendon, 1939: 95-7.
2.Source: Oxford, Christ Church 151, second item in the manuscript (MS has no foliation)
First Lines:
Ihesu for thi blode þou bleddest
And in the furst tym þou scheddist…
Last Lines:
…Of all my synnes pardoun
And bryng vs to heuene aboue
3.Source: London, British Library Cotton Caligula A.II, f. 70v
First Lines:
Ihesu for þy bod þat þu bleddest
In þe fyrst tyme þat þu sheddest
In þy membyr pryue…
Last Lines:
…Out of Enuye clanse þu me
And graunt me to lyue in charyte
Lord for þy wondes smerte
Note: Only seven 6-line stanzas in this MS; set out with two lines on left and the third to right of them, lines 4-5 on left and 6 to right of them, etc.; ‘Amen’ by scribe in lower margin, f. 70v.
Attributed Title: A prayer or bywar (f. 1, inserted interlineally in sixteenth-century list of contents)
4.Source: Philadelphia, Redemptorist Archives of the Baltimore Province (olim Mount St Alphonsus Seminary, Esopus, New York), roll