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DIMEV 2905
IMEV 1752
NIMEV 1752
Jesu that art heaven king / Soothfast God and man also
A prayer to Jesus — eight quatrains
Note: These stanzas are the basis of Richard de Caistre’s hymn: see 2869.
Subjects: prayers, to Christ; Christ, prayers to
Versification: — four-line — abab

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Eng. poet. a.1 (SC 3938) [Vernon MS], f. 117ra1
First Lines:
IEsu þat art heuene kyng
Sothfast God and mon also…
Last Lines:
…Heere and spede my pore preyeres
And saue me þat I ne beo spilt
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2.Source: London, British Library Egerton 3245 [olim Gurney], f. 193
Note: Five stanzas interspersed in 2825.
3.Source: Stonyhurst, Stonyhurst College 43, f. 96
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4.Source: London, Victoria and Albert Museum, National Art Library Reid 7, ff. 2-2v
Ihesu that art heuen kyng
Sothfast god and man also
Graunt me grace of goode endyng
And thaym [erasure] that I am holden to

Ihesu lord as thou madest me
And with thy precieux blode me bought
fforgif [erasure] that I haue greuyd the
In worde and work and euyl thought

Ihesu in whame is al my trust
That dyed opon the rode tre
With drawe euery hert from flesshly thought
And from al wordely vanite

Ihesu cryst to the I cal
That art lord moste of myghte
kepe me clene that I ne fal
In flesshly syn by day ne nyghte

Ihesu for thy wondes smert
In fete and in thy hodes also
Thou make me meke and lowe of hert
And the to loue as I shuld do

Ihesu for that worthy wonde
That went vnto thy hert rote
ffrom syn that [erasure] hath my hert ybounde
Thy blissful blode mot be my bote

Ihesu that dyest opon the rode
Only for the loue of me
And bought me with thy precieus blode
Haue pite and mercy on me

And ȝif oughte let me
Lord for to loue the
Leefe or lothe whethir it be
I pray the lord forgif it me
Pater noster Aue marie
Note: Second original flyleaf from the front.

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: Speculum Spiritualium, Paris, 1510 , f. cciiv