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IMEV 1822
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King I sit and look about
The Vicissitudes of Life, a tag in the Fasciculus morum — four couplets, translating Latin lines, each spoken by a king on the Wheel of Fortune
Note: Cf. Walther (1963), nos. 10344, 7035, 26495.
Subjects: human life, transitory nature of; translations; Fortune, wheel of
Versification: — two-line — aa
Bibliographic Ghosts: Cambridge UK, Queen’s College Horne 25 (13), f. 64: incorrect reference.

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 213 (SC 1045), f. 58v
First Lines:
kyng y sitt and loke abowt
to morne y may be wo out…
Last Lines:
…y schalbe kyng þat men schal see
But as all reche y schal ded bee
Note: Written as prose.
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 187 (SC 2090), f. 161va-161vb
First Lines:
kyng y sytte & loke a bowte
To morwe y may be with owte…
Last Lines:
…y shal be kyng þat men shul see
Whenne þu wrecche ded shalt be
Note: Written as prose. Each couplet is followed by its Latin version.
3.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 410 (SC 2305), f. 40v
First Lines:
Kyng I sit & loke aboute
to moru I may be with oute…
Last Lines:
…Not long a gon I was ful ryche
but now is pore & riche alych
Note: Written as prose.
4.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson C.670 (SC 12514), f. 72
First Lines:
Kyng I syt & loke aboute
To morn I may ben with oute…
Last Lines:
…I shal be kyng þat men schull se
When þe wreche ded shal be
Silverstein, Theodore, ed. Medieval English Lyrics. York Medieval Texts. London: Edw. Arnold, 1971: 80-1.
5.Source: Cambridge UK, Gonville & Caius College 71/38, f. 49
First Lines:
I sitt & I loke about
To morne I may be holden with out…
Last Lines:
…I schal be kyng þat men schal see
when þu wreche ded schal be
6.Source: Cambridge UK, Gonville & Caius College 364/619, f. 65vb
First Lines:
Kyng I sytte & loke about
Tho morwen I may ben al way oute…
Last Lines:
…I schal ben kyng þat man schal se
Wanne þou wreche ded schal be
7.Source: Cambridge UK, St John’s College F.22 (159), f. 89
First Lines:
Kyng I sytt and luk a bowt
To morn I may be all with owt…
Last Lines:
…Woo ys me a kyng I was
Þis world I loffede bot þo alas
Note: Written as verse.
8.Source: London, British Library Harley 7322, ff. 79-79v
First Lines:
Linge i sitte and loke aboute
to morwen y mai beon wiþoute…
Last Lines:
…Ich shal beo kinge þat men shulle seo
When þou wrecche ded shalt beo
Note: Appears separately, in a section on pictura de Fortitudine. Brown and Robbins (1943) lists as on f. 7.
Wright, Thomas, and James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, eds. Reliquiae Antiquae. 2 vols. London: Smith, 1845: 1.64.
Furnivall, Frederick James, ed. Political, Religious and Love Poems, from Lambeth MS. 306 and other sources. EETS o.s. 15 (1866); repr. 1962; rev. ed. 1903: 222; rev. ed. 251.
Sisam, Celia, and Kenneth Sisam, eds. The Oxford Book of Medieval English Verse. Oxford: Clarendon, 1970: 199-200.
9.Source: Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Library 82, f. 86v
First Lines:
Kyng I sitte and loke a bowte
to morowe I may be al with owte…
Last Lines:
…I schal be kyng þat men schal see
when þu wreche dede schal be
10.Source: Lincoln, Lincoln Cathedral Library 44 (A.2.13), f. 188vb
kyng y sytte & loke a boute
to morw y may be al with oute
Wov ys me a kyng y was
Þis world y loued but þat alas
Note: 4 lines only.
11.Source: Spalding, Lincolnshire, Spalding Gentlemen’s Society M.J.B.14 [olim Maurice Johnson No. LIV], f. 76v
First Lines:
Kyng I sytt and loke aboute
tomorne I may be all with oute…
Last Lines:
…I shall be kynge þat men shall see
When I wreche dede shall be
Note: Four couplets together, with no Latin prose text between; written as prose.
12.Source: Worcester, Worcester Cathedral Library F.19, f. 190ra
First Lines:
Kyng y sit and loke a boute
to morwe y may be alden with oute…
Last Lines:
…y schal be kyng þat men may se
wan þu wrech ded schal be
Note: 4 x 2, here written as verse and not separated.
13.Source: Rome, Vatican Ottoboni 626, f. 43