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DIMEV 3046
IMEV 1857
NIMEV 1857
Len puet fere et defere
The Abuses of the Age: On the King’s Breaking the Magna Charta — English lines in varying stanzas, with alternate Anglo-Norman lines at the beginning
Title(s): On the King’s Breaking the Magna Charta
Subjects: abuses, of the age; Edward II, criticism of; political poems
Versification: — four-line, six-line, three-line — abab, aabccb, aaa
Macaronic: Anglo-Norman

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Cambridge UK, St John’s College E.9 (112), f. 400
First Lines:
Rome poet fere e defere
Si fet ele trop souent
þat nis noþer wel ne veyre
for þi is holy cherche ysend…
Last Lines:
…Curt and laghe hundred a syre
al it god aduuele vay
Note: According to Brown and Robbins (1943) the text has 12 lines: actually 1 x 16 and 1 x 8, abababababababab and abababab; or 3 x 8 with same rhymes in first two stanzas; written two lines of verse per line of MS.
Attributed Title: De prouisione Oxonie (f. 400)
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2.Source: Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Advocates’ 19.2.1 [Auchinleck MS], f. 105ra-105rb
First Lines:
Len puet fere et defere ceo fait il trop souvent
It nis nouther wel ne faire þerfore engelond is shent…
Last Lines:
…Sen him þat us bouhte dere
In ioye wid oute ende
Note: 98 lines, in 6-line stanzas, aabaab.
Attributed Title: Un sarmoun of iiij wise men (f. 105ra)
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