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Listeneth lordings gent and free
Sir Degare — 1076 verses in short couplets
Note: Critical editions Schleich (1929) (all mss); Carr (1923) (all mss and prints).
Title(s): Sir Degare
Subjects: romances; lais, Breton
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson poet. 34 (SC 14528), ff. 10va-17v
First Lines:
Lordyngges yff ye wyll herk & dwell
Off noble men y wole yow tell…
Last Lines:
…Thus cam þe knyght outt of his care
God yff vs grace well to fare
Note: 989 lines. At the end: ‘Iohn bygge’.
Attributed Title: The lyff of Sir Degare both Curteys and ffre (f. 17v)
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Douce 261 (SC 21835), ff. 8-14v
First Lines:
Syr Degore stode in study than
And thought he was a doughtye man…
Last Lines:
…And that we vpon domes daye
May come to the blysse that lasteth aye
Note: Transcript, c. 1564, of an early print; four fragments, 350 lines.
Attributed Title: Here endeth the treatyse of Syr Degore (f. 14v)
3.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Ff.2.38, ff. 257vb-261vb
First Lines:
Lystenyþ lordynges gente & fre
Y wyll yow telle of sir degare…
Last Lines:
…Be fallyth many aman þorow chaun[ce]
And comyþ forþe in to vncerthe lede
Note: 602 lines; ends imperfectly.
McSparran, Frances, and Pamela R. Robinson. “Introduction.” Cambridge University Library MS Ff.2.38. London: Scolar Press, 1979.
4.Source: London, British Library Egerton 2862 [olim Sutherland, Trentham Hall], ff. 97; 95v
First Lines:
…Wel ynorshid good and hende
Þat was no better in al þat ende…
Last Lines:
…When þe Parlement was plenere
He let crye ferre and nere…
Note: Two fragments: lines 275-436 of London, British Library Addit. 27879. Only two leaves survive, bound with Bevis of Hamptoun (3250). The text starts on f. 97 and continues on f. 95 (i.e., bound inverted).
Attributed Title: Sir Degare (running titles split versos and rectos on each of the leaves).
5.Source: London, British Library Addit. 27879, p. 371
Note: 900 lines.
Hales, John Wesley, and Frederick James Furnivall, eds. Bishop Percy’s Folio Manuscript: Ballads and Romances. 3 vols. London: Trübner, 1867-68: 3.16-48.
6.Source: Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Advocates’ 19.2.1 [Auchinleck MS], ff. 78rb-84ara
First Lines:
Kniȝtes þ[ ]
ferli fele wolde fonde
And sechen auentures bi niȝt and dai
hou ȝhe miȝte here strengthe asai…
Last Lines:
…Þe[ ]
Go[ ]
And [ ]
Ga[ ]…
Note: 1076 lines in this MS; text continues on stub, 84a, probably to 84arb.
Pearsall, Derek, and I. C. Cunningham, eds. The Auchinleck Manuscript. National Library of Scotland Advocates’ MS. 19.2.1. London: Scolar Press, 1977.
Laing, David, ed. Sire Degarre. Abbotsford Club 28. Edinburgh: Laurie, 1849.
French, Walter Hoyt, and Charles Brockway Hale. Middle English Metrical Romances. New York: Prentice-Hall, 1930: 287.
Laskaya, Anna, and Eve Salisbury, eds. The Middle English Breton Lays. Kalamazoo, MI: Western Michigan University for TEAMS, 1995: 89-144.

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 6470. Syr Degore, [Enprynted at London: In Flete strete at the sygne of the sonne by wynkyn de worde, [1512-13]]
Note: 995 verses.
2.Source: STC 6472. Syr Degore, [Imprinted at London: By Iohn king], Anno Domini. M.D.LX. [1560]
Note: 993 verses.
Utterson, Edward Vernon. Select Pieces of Early English Popular Poetry. London: Davison, 1817: 1.113.
3.Source: STC 6472.5. Syr Degore, [[London]: Imprynted by Wyllyam Copland, [1565?]]
Note: 995 verses.