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Listeneth lordings gent and free
Sir Degare — 1076 verses in short couplets
Note: Critical editions Schleich (1929) (all mss); Carr (1923) (all mss and prints).
Title(s): Sir Degare
Subjects: romances; lais, Breton
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson poet. 34 (SC 14528), ff. 10va-17v
First Lines:
Lordyngges yff ye wyll herk & dwell
Off noble men y wole yow tell…
Last Lines:
…Thus cam þe knyght outt of his care
God yff vs grace well to fare
Note: 989 lines. At the end: ‘Iohn bygge’.
Attributed Title: The lyff of Sir Degare both Curteys and ffre (f. 17v)
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Douce 261 (SC 21835), ff. 8-14v
First Lines:
Syr Degore stode in study than
And thought he was a doughtye man…
Last Lines:
…And that we vpon domes daye
May come to the blysse that lasteth aye
Note: Transcript, c. 1564, of an early print; four fragments, 350 lines.
Attributed Title: Here endeth the treatyse of Syr Degore (f. 14v)
3.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Ff.2.38, ff. 257vb-261vb
First Lines:
Lystenyþ lordynges gente & fre
Y wyll yow telle of sir degare…
Last Lines:
…Be fallyth many aman þorow chaun[ce]
And comyþ forþe in to vncerthe lede
Note: 602 lines; ends imperfectly.
McSparran, Frances, and Pamela R. Robinson. “Introduction.” Cambridge University Library MS Ff.2.38. London: Scolar Press, 1979.
4.Source: London, British Library Egerton 2862 [olim Sutherland, Trentham Hall], ff. 97; 95
Note: Two fragments: lines 275-436 of London, British Library Addit. 27879.
5.Source: London, British Library Addit. 27879, p. 371
Note: 900 lines.
Hales, John Wesley, and Frederick James Furnivall, eds. Bishop Percy’s Folio Manuscript: Ballads and Romances. 3 vols. London: Trübner, 1867-68: 3.16-48.
6.Source: Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Advocates’ 19.2.1 [Auchinleck MS], ff. 78rb-84ara
First Lines:
Kniȝtes þ[ ]
ferli fele wolde fonde
And sechen auentures bi niȝt and dai
hou ȝhe miȝte here strengthe asai…
Last Lines:
…Þe[ ]
Go[ ]
And [ ]
Ga[ ]…
Note: 1076 lines in this MS; text continues on stub, 84a, probably to 84arb.
Pearsall, Derek, and I. C. Cunningham, eds. The Auchinleck Manuscript. National Library of Scotland Advocates’ MS. 19.2.1. London: Scolar Press, 1977.
Laing, David, ed. Sire Degarre. Abbotsford Club 28. Edinburgh: Laurie, 1849.
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Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 6470. Syr Degore, [Enprynted at London: In Flete strete at the sygne of the sonne by wynkyn de worde, [1512-13]]
Note: 995 verses.
2.Source: STC 6472. Syr Degore, [Imprinted at London: By Iohn king], Anno Domini. M.D.LX. [1560]
Note: 993 verses.
Utterson, Edward Vernon. Select Pieces of Early English Popular Poetry. London: Davison, 1817: 1.113.
3.Source: STC 6472.5. Syr Degore, [[London]: Imprynted by Wyllyam Copland, [1565?]]
Note: 995 verses.