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Lo here this lady that ye may see
A Mumming at London, by Lydgate — 342 lines in couplets
Author(s): John Lydgate
Title(s): A Mumming at London
Subjects: pageant verses; allegories; Fortune; virtues, principal
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.3.20 (600), pp. 55-65
First Lines:
Loo here þis lady þat yee may see
Lady of mutabilitee…
Last Lines:
…Suche oon as þou lykeþe best
Lat ffortune go pley hir wher hir list
Attributed Title: Lo here filoweþe þe deuyse of a desguysing to fore þe gret estates of þis lande þane being at London madeby Lidegate daun Johan þe Munk of Buryof dame fortune dame proudence dame Rightwysnesse and dame ffortitudo beholdeþe for it is moral plesaunt and notable. Loo first komeþe in dame ffortune (p. 55); A desguysing made by Lydgate of þe foure Cardynale vertues (RT)
Brotanek, Rudolph. Die Englischen Maskenspiele. Vienna, Leipzig: W. Braumüller, 1902: 309-17.
MacCracken, Henry Noble, ed. John Lydgate: The Minor Poems, Vol. II: Secular Poems. EETS o.s. 192 (1934); repr. 1961: 682-91.
2.Source: London, British Library Addit. 29729, ff. 140-144
First Lines:
Loo here this lady that ye may see
lady of mutabilyte…
Last Lines:
…suche on as you lyketh best
lat ffortune go playe hir wher hir liste
Note: Ends ‘Explicit’ (f. 144).
Attributed Author: lidgate dan Iohn the munke of bury (f. 140)
Attributed Title: Lo here folowethe the deuyse of a desguysinge to fore the grete estates of this lond than beinge at london made by lidgate dan Iohn the munke of bury of dame fortune dame prudence dame rightwysnesse and dame ffortitude behold it for it is morall plesaunt and notabell to first cometh in dame fortune (f. 140)