The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
DIMEV 3228
IMEV 1975
NIMEV 1975
Lord that sufferedest hard torment
A series of eight prayers to Christ, each beginning ‘Lorde’ (except 4) scattered throughout a Latin Good Friday homily, ‘Amore langueo’: ‘Sermo de passione Cristi in die parasceueus facienda’, possibly by John Bromyard — in quatrains
Subjects: sermons, verse in; Christ, prayers to; prayers, to Christ
Versification: — four-line — aabb

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Balliol College 149, ff. 34v-38v
First Lines:
Lorde þat suffrydist harde turment
And on the rode were alle to rent
Let me suffri wo & pyne
Þat y may be on of þine…
Last Lines:
…Ihesu that were to man so kynde
grant vs þi blisse wyþ oute ende
Note: Written as prose.
2.Source: Oxford, Magdalen College Lat. 93, ff. 154-157
First Lines:
lorde that suffred harde torment
and on þe rode was al to rent…
Last Lines:
…ihesu that was to man so kynd
graunte vs thy blis with outen ende
Note: Written as prose.
3.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Kk.4.24, ff. 146vb-150ra
First Lines:
lord þat suffredist hard torment
& on þe rood was al to rent…
Last Lines:
…Ihesu þat were to man so kynd
Graunt vs þy blysse with owte ende
Note: Written as prose.
Wenzel, Siegfried. Preachers, Poets and the English Lyric. Princeton: Princeton Univ. Press, 1986: 124 (treating each stanza as a separate work).
4.Source: Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin 277, pp. 191; 193; 196; 198
First Lines:
Lord þu sufferyd herd tourment
& in þe rode was all to rent…
Last Lines:
…Ihesu þat was to man so kynde
grant vs euer blys with owtyn ende
Pfander, Homer Garrison. “The Popular Sermon of the Medieval Friar in England.” Diss. New York University, 1937: 47, 48 (st. 2 and 4 only).