The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
DIMEV 3245
IMEV 1989
NIMEV see 1995/8-10
Lordings I warn you all before / if that day that Christ
Prognostics from the day on which Christmas falls.
Note: For other texts with a Prologue of 16 lines see 3122; for texts with a Prologue of 32 lines, see 3124.
Subjects: prognostications; utilitarian instruction
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library James 43 (SC 3880), ff. 1-1v
First Lines:
Now lystyneth all vn to me
Off thys mater her schall ye…
Last Lines:
…To hevyn ther in with hym to be
Amen sey we all for charyte
Note: 112 lines
Attributed Title: Incipit ffortuna secundum quemlibet dierum nativitatis cristi (f. 2)
Brand, John. Observations on the Popular Antiquities of Great Britain. London: G. Bell, 1849; rev. ed., Sir Henry Ellis 3 vols. London: Bohn, 1849: 1.478.
Swainson, Charles. A Handbook of Weather Folk-Lore. Edinburgh, London: Blackwood, 1873: 163-5.
Denham, Michael Aislabie. A Collection of proverbs and popular sayings relating to the seasons, the weather, and agricultural pursuits, gathered chiefly from Oral Tradition. Percy Society 20. London: Richards, 1846: 70-2.
Wright, Thomas, ed. Specimens of Old Christmas Carols, etc. Percy Society 4. London: T. Richard, 1841: 20-3.
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 189 (SC 6777), f. 210
Note: Imperfect at beginning: begins in the Thursday section, 85 lines.
3.Source: Oxford, Christ Church Archives xxix.b.13 (Accounts of Daventry Priory, 1483-91), pp. 3-5
First Lines:
lordynges I warne yow be forne
yff that day that Cryste was on borne
ffall vpon a Sunday
That yer schal wynter be goode ay…
Last Lines:
…Somme schall fall in euery lond Jhesu gyfe vs grace what so euer befall
That we may come to thy blyse all
Note: By main scribe of MS, who kept accounts.
Attributed Title: ffor the fallyng of Crystmas day (p. 3)
4.Source: London, British Library Harley 2252, ff. 154-154v
First Lines:
Lordyngis I warne yow albe forne
Yef þat day that cryste was borne…
Last Lines:
…Yf þu awghto stele hyt shall þe spyll
Þu dyest yf syknes take the
Wright, Thomas, ed. Specimens of Old Christmas Carols, etc. Percy Society 4. London: T. Richard, 1841: 20-3.
5.Source: London, British Library Royal 12 E.XVI, ff. 3-4v
First Lines:
Lorddyngis y wharn yowe by foryn
Yff þat day that cryst whas boorne…
Last Lines:
…Thowe dyyst yf þu takyst syknes
Nowe haue yowe herde mor & les
6.Source: London, Wellcome Historical Medical Library 411, ff. 1-2
First Lines:
…Grete mulitude of chyldre shal dye
þey þat be bore þat day I wene…
Last Lines:
…of þe same talkyng
but ihesus þat is heuyn king
geue vs grace hit so be fal
þat we to his blysse com al Amen
Note: Imperfect at beginning; 85 lines. Signatures ‘a2’ and ‘a3’ on ff. 1 & 2.