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Lordings that be now here / If ye will listen and lere
Robert of Brunne’s Metrical Chronicle — in two parts of 8365 and about 4500 couplets
Author(s): Robert Brunne
Title(s): Metrical Chronicle
Subjects: chronicles
Versification: — couplets — aa
Bibliographic Ghosts: London, British Library Cotton Julius A.V: deleted by Robbins and Cutler (1965).

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson D.913 (SC 13679)
Note: Fragment: lines 13018-13193.
Kölbing, Eugen. “Review of Zwei mittelenglische geschichten aus der hölle, ed. Anne L. Leonhard (Zurich, 1891).Englische Studien 17 (1892): 87-92: 168-71 (Pt. 2).
2.Source: London, Inner Temple Petyt 511.7 (Part VII), ff. 1ra-195
First Lines:
Lorgynges þat be now here
if ȝe will listen & lere…
Last Lines:
Idus þat is of Maij lest I to write þis ryme
B letter & friday bi ix þat ȝere ȝede prime
Note: Shifts from two-column format to single at f. 96; same scribe, and continuous rubric signatures for gathering ‘m’.
Attributed Title: Incipit prologus historia britannie / transposita per Robertus in materna lingua (f. 1, rubric); Explicit Historia britannie trans / posita in lingua materna per Robertum / Incipiunt Gesta Anglorum sir patrum de langtoft transposita per eiusdem R Mannyng f. 95va, rubric); Expliciunt gesta Brittonium & Anglorum in lingua materna per / Robertum Mannyng transcripsitur Anno xi Millisimo CCCmotricesimo / viij idus Maij… (f. 195, rubric)
Furnivall, Frederick James, ed. The Story of England, by Robert Manning of Brunne, A.D. 1338. 2 vols. Rolls Series 87 (1887): (Part 1, lines 1-198).
Hearne, Thomas, ed. Peter Langtoft’s Chronicle, and Robert Mannyng of Brunne’s Metrical Chronicle. Oxford: at the Theatre, 1725; repr. 1810: (Part 2).
3.Source: London, Lambeth Palace Library 131, ff. 1ra-131v
First Lines:
…God gyue me grace wel to spede
Þys Rym on Englisch for to Rede…
Last Lines:
…þe bost of kyng Philipp fayne wold he þen felle
aryued is Richard at þe depe of Normandie…
Note: Begins imperfectly at line 199; continues to Birth of Christ only.
Attributed Author: Robert de Brunne
Attributed Title: A Chronicle of England in olde Englishe meter (later hand)
Furnivall, Frederick James, ed. The Story of England, by Robert Manning of Brunne, A.D. 1338. 2 vols. Rolls Series 87 (1887): (Part 1, lines 199-17730).
Zetsche, A. “Chronik des Robert von Brunne (von anfang bis zu Christi geburt).” Anglia 9 (1886): 43-194: 43-194 (Part 2).
4.Source: Oxford, Merton College 23.b.6 [Ker Pastedowns 919], flyleaf 1
First Lines:
[ ] fflaundres [ ] philip a louerd [ ]
[ ] manore schip he was hire gouernour…
Last Lines:
…[ ]es to se and witnesse it wild nouht lie
[ ]d of trestels and of borde
Note: Lines 2040-2239, couplets; flyleaf bound in at beginning of Lycophron, Willem, Lykophronos tou Chalkideos Alexandra (Basle, 1566): Oxford, Balliol College Library, shelfmark 23.b.6 . See Davis (1969), for an account of this fragment.
Ker, Neil Ripley. Fragments of Medieval Manuscripts used as Pastedowns in Oxford Bindings, with a survey of Oxford Binding c. 1515-1620. Oxford Bibliographical Society n.s. 5. Oxford: Clarendon, 1954: 919.