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Lullay lullay lullay little child why weepest thou so sore
A Lullaby warning against the evils of this world — six 6-line stanzas (aaaabb)
Note: This song is repeated in Latin at f. 62; for a Lullaby in the same measure sung by the Virgin Mary see 3300; stanza 4 is practically identical with 5367.
Subjects: lullabies; evils of the times; vanity, against worldly
Versification: — six-line — aaaabb

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: London, British Library Harley 913, ff. 32-32v
First Lines:
Lollai .l. litil child whi wepistou so sore
Nedis mostou wepe hit was iȝarkid þe ȝore…
Last Lines:
…Lolla .l. litil chil þis wo adam þe wroȝt
Whan he of þe appil ete and eue hit him betacht
Note: Transcript in London, British Library Addit. 20091, ff. 58v-60.
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