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Maiden in the moor lay
The Maid of the Moor — four rondel-type 7-line stanzas (aabbaac)
Note: Probably ends imperfectly; formerly 3891.
Subjects: roundels; women; flowers; songs
Versification: — seven-line — aabbaac

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson D.913 (SC 13679), f. 1v
First Lines:
Maiden in the mor lay
in the mor lay…
Last Lines:
…wat was hire bour
þe rede rose ante lilie flour
Note: Item I (b); written as prose, ends imperfectly.
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2.Source: Worcester, Worcester Cathedral Library F.126, f. 145rb
First Lines:
…þe mayde bi wode lay…
Last Lines:
…þe cold water of þe well spryng…
Note: Introduced by, ‘videlicet karole’; written as prose
reference to this song in prose sermon, ‘Viderunt reuolutum lapidem’ — only these lines are given.
3.Source: Dublin, Representative Church Body Library, Dublin D11.1.2 [olim Kilkenny, St Canice’s Library; Red Book of Ossory], f. 71ra
Mayde yn the moore [l]ay
Note: First line only; accompanies Latin.
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