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Man that life upholdest / think when thou art oldest
Do good while you may (6 lines), a tag in the Fasciculus Morum; listed by Wenzel (1978) as ‘When þou þy lyfe vp-holdyste…’
Subjects: sermons, verse in; advice, spiritual
Versification: — six-line — aaaabb, aabaab
Bibliographic Ghosts: Cambridge UK, St John’s College F.22 (159)

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 213 (SC 1045), ff. 130v-131
Man that lyfe vp holdest
thenke wen þu a toldest
And do good at thi yate
When thu with deth vnboldest
thow shalt not they thow woldest
ffor than is al to late
Note: Written as prose.
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 187 (SC 2090), ff. 186vb
First Lines:
Man þat lif vpholdyst
þenke wanne þu a coldyst…
Last Lines:
…þu shalt nat now þu woldyst
ffor þenne hyt ys to late
Note: Written as prose.
3.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 410 (SC 2305), f. 67
First Lines:
Man þat lyf vt holdest
thenk whan þu art oldest
Last Lines:
…þu shalt not you þu woldest
for þan is all to late
Note: Written as prose.
4.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson C.670 (SC 12514), f. 114
When þou þy lyfe vp holdyste
Þynke wan þou arte oldyste
And do gode at þe ȝate
Wen þou with deth vnboldeste
[þou shalt not þou þou woldest]
For þan is al to late
Foster, Frances Allen, ed. “Some English Words from the Fasciculus Morum.” Essays and Studies in Honor of Carleton Brown. Percy Waldron Long, ed. New York: NYU Press; London: Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Pres, 1940: 149-57: 157.
Wenzel, Siegfried. Verses in Sermons: ‘Fasciculus morum’ and Its Middle English Poems. Cambridge, MA: Medieval Academy of America, 1978: 190.
5.Source: Cambridge UK, Gonville & Caius College 364/619, f. 111va
First Lines:
Man þat lyf vp holdest
þynke whon þou coldest…
Last Lines:
…þan schal nougth þou þowh þou woldest
ffor þan is al to late
6.Source: Lincoln, Lincoln Cathedral Library 44 (A.2.13), f. 200vb
Man þat lyf vp holdest
þenke þe wen þu art oldest
wen þu wyt þeþ vndoldest
þu ne schuld þe þi woldest
and do goude at þi ȝate
for þan it is all to late
7.Source: Worcester, Worcester Cathedral Library F.19, f. 211va
First Lines:
Man þat lyf vpholdis
þenk wen þu acoldest…
Last Lines:
…þu schal noȝt yf þu woldist
for þen y al to late
Note: Written as prose.