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IMEV 2161.5
NIMEV Dunbar
Methought compassion void of fears
‘Of the Passioun of Christ’ by William Dunbar — six 8-line stanzas with refrain: ‘Thys blissit saluator chryst Iesu’
Note: Follows without a break 467.
Author(s): William Dunbar
Title(s): ‘Of the Passioun of Christ’
Subjects: Passion; Christ, Passion of
Versification: — eight-line

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Cambridge UK, Magdalene College Pepys 2553, pp. 206-207
First Lines:
Methocht compassioun vode of feiris
Than straik at me with mony ane stound…
Last Lines:
…Quhat me befell on gud fryday
Befoir the crose of sweit Iesu
Note: No indication of separation between this and preceding 467.
Attributed Author: ffinis quod dunbar (p. 207)
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