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Miseremini mei ye that been my friends
The lamentation of the soul of Edward IV, attributed to Skelton — in 12-line stanzas (ababcdcdefef) with refrain, ‘Ecce nunc in puluere dormio
Note: Four lines apparently adapted from st. 1, lines 1-3, appear beneath the Latin epitaph of Thomas Dalby, Archdeacon of Richmond, d. 26 Jan. 1526, in north aisle of choir in York Minster, pr. Leach (1903), xcv.
Author(s): John Skelton (attrib.)
Subjects: Edward IV, lamentation of soul of; laments
Versification: — twelve-line stanza — ababcdcdefef
Macaronic: Latin

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: London, British Library Harley 4011, ff. 169v-170v
First Lines:
Miseremini mei ye that ben my ffryndys
This world hath enformyd me fforto fall…
Last Lines:
…As I forsayd youre kyng I was
Et ecce nunc in puluere dormio
Brown, Carleton Fairchild, ed. Religious Lyrics of the XVth Century. Oxford: Clarendon, 1939: 250-3.
2.Source: London, British Library Addit. 29729, ff. 8-9
First Lines:
Miseremini mei ye that be my fryndys
the worlde hathe informed me for to fawlle…
Last Lines:
…As ferst sayd yowr kynge I was
Et ecce nunc in pulvere dormio
Attributed Author: Skelton (f. 8)
Attributed Title: here folowythe the Epitaphy of Kynge Edward þe fowrthe complyd [sic] by Iohn lidgate monke of burye Skelton (f. 8, as heading all by scribe—John Stow—including crossing through and substituting ‘Skelton’); ‘Explicit þe Epitaffe of Kynge edward the fowrthe made by Iohn lidgate monke of bery skelton’ (f. 9r below last line all by scribe (John Stow) including crossing through and substituting ‘Skelton')
3.Source: Corning, NY, Corning Museum of Glass 6 [olim Currer], ff. 131-132
First Lines:
[M]iserere mei ȝe þat be my frendis
for þe world haþe enformid me to fall…
Last Lines:
…As I arst seyd ȝour kyng I was
Et Ecce nunc in puluere dormio
Note: Five stanzas.
Attributed Title: Explicit A lamentable of kyng Edward þe iiii (f. 132)

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 22598. Skelton, John, Certayne bokes compyled by maister Skelton, R. Lant f. H. Tab, [1545?]
Note: Further editions include: Skelton, John, Certayne bokes compyled by maister Skelton, Kynge and Marshe, n.d ; rpt. Dyce (1843), 1.1-5; Dyce and Walton (1879), 1.3-7; Henderson (1931), 1948, 1959, 1-3; Pinto (1950), 15-7 (omits st. 4, 7-8); #J. Day, n.d.); and Skelton, John, Pithy, Plesaunt and Profitable workes of Maister Skelton, ed. J. Stow, T. Marshe [1568] ; rpt. Bowle (1736) Chalmers (1810), 2.260-1.