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Most mighty lord Jupiter the Great
A Mumming for the Mercers of London, by Lydgate — fifteen rhyme royal stanzas
Author(s): John Lydgate
Subjects: pageant verses; London, mercers of
Versification: — seven-line — ababbcc

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.3.20 (600), pp. 172-175
First Lines:
Moost mighty lord Iubyter þe greet
Whos mansyoun is ouer þe sonnes beem
ffrome þens þat Phebus with his feruent heet
Reflecteþe his light vpon þe swyfft streeme…
Last Lines:
…To his presence er þat þey furþer flitte
Vnder supporte þat he wol hem admytte
Attributed Author: by daun Johan (p. 171); made by Lidegate (RT)
Attributed Title: And nowe filoweþe a letre made in wyse of balade by daun Johan brought by a poursuyaunt in wyse of Mommers desguysed tofore þe Mayre of London Eestfeld vpon þe twelffeþe night of Cristmasse ordeyned Ryallych by þe worthy Merciers Citeseyns of London (p. 171); Desgysing made to Estfeld þane Mayre of London made by Lidegate (RT)
Brotanek, Rudolph. Die Englischen Maskenspiele. Vienna, Leipzig: W. Braumüller, 1902: 320-2.
MacCracken, Henry Noble, ed. John Lydgate: The Minor Poems, Vol. II: Secular Poems. EETS o.s. 192 (1934); repr. 1961: 695-8.
2.Source: London, British Library Addit. 29729, ff. 132v2-134
First Lines:
moste mighty lord Iubyter the gret
whos mansion is over the sonnes beme…
Last Lines:
…to his presente orþat they furder flyte
vnder soport that he woll them admyt
Note: Scribe (John Stow) added note regarding Eastfield in left margin beside heading, ‘William estfeld meresar mayre anno domini 1430 also þe second tyme mayre anno 1438’ (f. 132v); ends ‘finis’ (f. 134) by scribe (John Stow).
Attributed Author: Iohn lydgat (f. 132v)
Attributed Title: ‘Here folowythe a letar made in wyse of balad by daun Iohn lydgat brought by a pursyvaunt in wyse of momers dysguysyd tofore þe mayre of london estfeld vpon the twelffthe nyght of cristmasse ordeyned Ryally by the worthy merciers citesens of london’ (as heading, f. 132v, by scribe, John Stow)