The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
IMEV 205
All that beth of heart true / A stound harkeneth to my song
An Elegy on the Death of Edward I — in 8-line stanzas
Subjects: elegies; Edward I, death of
Versification: — eight-line — ababcdcd

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Addit. 4407 (19)a-c
First Lines:
…of qwom þat god haued don is wille
Me þonketh þat deþe haue done vs wrong
Þat he so sone schal liggen stille
Engelond þou aghtes wel to knowe…
Last Lines:
…þou ȝeue hys soule mechil onur
And brink yt into heuene blis
Note: Fragments a (lines 6-12), b (lines 20-29), c (lines 83-8 with 4 new lines).
Skeat, Walter William. “‘Elegy on the Death of King Edward I’ from a New MS.” Modern Language Review 7 (1912): 149-52: 149.
2.Source: London, British Library Harley 2253, ff.9 73-73v
First Lines:
Alle þat beoþ of huerte trewe
a stounde herkneþ to my song…
Last Lines:
…bidde we god ant oure ledy
to þilke blisse iesus vs sende
Note: 91 lines; written two lines of verse per line in the MS.
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