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Now I will that ye I-write how it is I-went
Rhyming conclusion to the Ayenbite of Inwyt — five couplets
Note: See 5658.
Title(s): Ayenbite of Inwyt
Subjects: colophons; conclusions
Versification: — two-line — acbaa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: London, British Library Arundel 57, f. 94r2
Nou ich wille þet ye ywyte hou hitis ywent
þet þis boc is ywrite mid engliss of kent
þis boc is ymad uor lewede men
vor uader and uor moder and uor oþer ken
ham nor to berȝe uram alle manyere zen
Þet ine hare inwytte ne bleue no uoul wen
Huo ase god is his name yred
þet þis boc made god him yeue þet bread
of angles of heuene and þerto his red
and onderuonge his zaule hwanne þet is dyad. Amen
Note: colophon: “Y mende þet þis boc is uoluelid ine þe eue of þe holy apostles Symon an Iudas of ane broþer of þe cloystre of Sauynt Austin of Canterberi Ine þe yeare of oure lhordes beringe . 1390 .”
Digital Facsimile of British Library MS Arundel 57.
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