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O God how that she loketh very fair
Charles d’Orléans, a roundel, translated from the French (Champollion-Figeac (1842), 28) — 14 lines
Author(s): Charles d’Orléans
Subjects: love lyrics; roundels
Versification: — fourteen-line — abbaabababbaab

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: London, British Library Harley 682, f. 63v
First Lines:
O God how that she lokith verry fayre
The goodly swete my very hertis blis…
Last Lines:
…That for the grace the which þat in hir is
To eueri wight hir prays doth newe repayre
Taylor, G. Watson. Poems Written in English by Charles Duke of OrleansOrleans, during his Captivity in England after the Battle of Azincourt Roxburghe Club 44. London, 1827: 140.
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2.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Addit. 2585, Part I, f. 2v
First Lines:
O God how that she lokith verri faire
The goodli swet ay verri hertis blis
That for the grace the whiche that in hire i[ ]
To eueri wight hir prais doth new repai[r]…
Last Lines:
…ffor in hir loo ther nys oon poynt amys
Tys a dere hert worth a thousand payre
O God how [that she lokith verri faire]
The goodli [swet ay verri hertis blis]
Note: Note in modern hand indicates this is ‘flyleaves of a copy of the Sphaera of John de Sacrobosco’ (1a).
Robbins, Rossell Hope. “Some Charles d’Orleans Fragments.” Modern Language Note 66 (1951): 501-5: 505.