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O star of Jacob glory of Israel
John Lydgate, ‘To Mary the Star of Jacob’, an orison to the Virgin Mary of the Five Joys — seven stanzas rhyme royal with refrain, ‘Aue maria
Author(s): John Lydgate
Subjects: Virgin Mary, joys of; prayers, to Virgin Mary
Versification: — seven-line — ababbcc

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 683 (SC 798), ff. 29v-30v
First Lines:
O sterre of Iacob and glorye of Israell
of alle blissed O blyssedest vyrgyne…
Last Lines:
…While I þi servaunt haue hem in remembraunce
ageyn goostly enmyes to stonde in assuraunce
Attributed Title: HEre is a praier to our lady of hir v Ioies (f. 29v)
MacCracken, Henry Noble, ed. John Lydgate: The Minor Poems, Vol. I: Religious Poems. EETS e.s. 107 (1911; repr. 1961): 1.282-4.
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Lyell 30, ff. 176-177v
First Lines:
O lady sterre of iacob glorie of israel
Off all blessis o blessedist virgine…
Last Lines:
…While i thi seruant haue hem in remembrauns
A yeyne goosty enemyes to stode in assurauns
Note: Formerly 2478.8
Attributed Title: Oracio de sancta maria in anglicis verbis (f.176)
3.Source: Cambridge UK, Sidney Sussex College 37, f. 145v
First Lines:
O Sterre of iacob gliorie of israel
Of alle blessed o blessedest virgine…
Last Lines:
…While I thi seruant hem In remembrans
Agayne alle gostly enmyes to stonde in assurans
4.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.3.21 (601), ff. 173v-174
First Lines:
o sterre of Iacob glory of Israell
Of all blyssyd o blyssedyst virgine
ffor that tydynges whyche that Gabriell
Brought vnto the most heuynly and dyuyne…
Last Lines:
…Whyle I thy seruaunt haue hem in remembraunce
Agayn gostly enemyes to stond in assuraunce
Attributed Author: Lydgate (added by later hand, ff. 173v, 174)
Attributed Title: Incipiunt Alia quinque gaudia (f. 173v)
5.Source: London, British Library Harley 372, ff. 70-70v
First Lines:
O sterre of Iacob glorye of Israell
Of all blissed O blisseddest virgine…
Last Lines:
…whil I am thi seruaunt haue hem in Remembraunce
Agayne gostely enmyes to stonde in assuraunce
Note: Penultimate stanza has spaces left for insertion of missing words in lines 4-6, perhaps because exemplar was damaged at this point.
Attributed Title: Explicit (f. 70v, margin)