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IMEV 2619
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Of all women that ever were born
The Lamentation of the Virgin Mary — eleven 8-line stanzas with refrain, ‘For now lyeth dedd my dere sone dere’
Note: For another version which omits stanzas 5 and 7 and prefixes a narrative preface see 2442.
Title(s): The Lamentation of the Virgin Mary
Subjects: Virgin Mary, lament of
Versification: — eight-line — ababbcbc

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Ff.2.38, ff. 55vb-56rb
First Lines:
Off all wemen þat euer were borne
That bere chylder a byde & see
How my sone lyeth me beforne
Vpon my skyrte bryng fro þe tree…
Last Lines:
…And ye schall bryng yowre chylder & you certeyn
To the blys where ys my dere sone dere
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2.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Ff.5.48, ff. 73-74v
First Lines:
Off alle women þat euer were borne
That berys childer abyde and se…
Last Lines:
…And he shall bryng your childer & yow sertayn
To blisse wher is my dere son dere
Attributed Title: Explicit fabula (f. 74v)
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3.Source: Manchester, Chetham’s Library 8009 [Mun. A.6.31], ff. 119v-121
First Lines:
Off all women that euer were born
That berith children abide and se
How my son liggith me be fforn
Vppon my skyrte take ffrome the tre…
Last Lines:
…And þou also with outen dere
Vppon the blis where is my son dere
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