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IMEV 2619.2
NIMEV 2619.2
Of all works in this world that ever were wrought
Commemoration of Geoffrey Barber who built a bridge near Abingdon, A.D. 1457 — twenty-three quatrains (abab) and two couplets, with alliterative phrases
Author(s): Richard Fannande ironmonger of Abingdon (attrib.)
Subjects: commemorative verse; historical poems; Barber, Geoffrey
Versification: — four-line, two-line — abab, aa

1.Source: Abingdon, Berkshire, Christ’s Hospital, Governor’s Archives, Object 13 (MS), ‘Forman’s Monument’
First Lines:
Of all werkys in this worlde that ever were wrought
Holy Chirche is chefe ther children been chersid
For be baptim these barnes to blisse been i brought
Thorough the grace of God and fayre refresshed…
Last Lines:
…Now God geve us grace
To folowe treuthe even
That we may have a place
In the blysse of heven. AMEN.
Note: The poem is followed by a rebus: ‘Take the ferst letter of youre foure fader with A the worker of wex and I and N the colore of an asse set them togeder and tel me yf you can what it is than Richard Fannande Iremonger hathe made this tabul and set it here in the yere of King Herry the sexte xxxvite’. The transcriptions are derived from Hanna (2013). The monument is inscribed on membrane now glued to stretched canvas.
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