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IMEV 2685.8
NIMEV 2685.8
On foot should be all Scots war
Scotia sit guerra pedibus — seven couplets translating seven Latin lines in Fordun’s Scottichronicon (Book 12, chap. 10)
Title(s): Scottichronicon; Scotia sit guerra pedibus
Subjects: Scots, battle actions; chronicles, verse in; translations
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College O.9.9 (1421), f. 47
First Lines:
On fut suld be all scottes weir
Be hyll …
Note: 14 lines, added to bottom of page in fifteenth to sixteenth century.
2.Source: London, British Library Harley 712
3.Source: Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Library 186
4.Source: Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland Acc. 10301/6 [Columba House, Scottish Catholic Archives, Fordun’s Chronicles or Scotticronicon (on deposit at National Library of Scotland)], f. 157
First Lines:
One fuyt suld be all scottis weir
Be hill & moss þame self to weir…
Last Lines:
…This Is the Counsel & intent
Of gud kinge Robertis testamen[t]
Note: 7 x 2, added to lower margin of page by another hand, same as adds to Latin version, ‘Scotica sit guerra peditis mons mosseta terva…’ to lower margin f. 156v; in Book XXVI, ch. xi, xii and xiii (all on f. clvii).
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