The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
DIMEV 4288
IMEV 2695.5
One only God thou shalt love and worship perfectly
The Ten Commandments (ten rhyming lines)
Note: Cf. 4284, 5848. For texts in Horae see Bühler (1959), 228-9.
Subjects: Ten Commandments

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: New York, Pierpont Morgan Library Acc. No. 698 (copy of STC 21429), sig. b.2v
First Lines:
One god only thow shalt love and worship perfytelie
God in vayn thow shalt not swere nor by that he made truly…
Last Lines:
…The workes of the fleashe desire not but in mariage only
The goode of other Couet not to have them vniustly
Note: Added to lower margin by a fifteenth-century hand.
Attributed Title: The ten commandements

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 5198. Chertsey, Andrew, Here foloweth a notable treatyse and full necessary to an crysten men for to knowe and it is named the Ordynarye of crystyanyte or of crysten men, [Enprynted in the cyte of London: In the flete strete in the sygne of ye sonne by Wynkyn de worde, ye yere of our lorde. M.CCCCC.ij. [1502]]
2.Source: STC 5199. Chertsey, Andrew, Thordynary of crysten men, [Enprynted in the cyte of London: In the Fletestrete in the sygne of ye sonne by Wynkyn de worde, ye yere of our lorde. [1506]] , sig. B.8
One onely god þu shalt loue & worshyp perfytely
God in vayne þu shalt not swere by nor other lyke
The sondayes þu shalt kepe & serue god deuoutely
Fader & moder þu shalt honor to thende þat þu lyue longe
No man þu shalt sle in dede nor wyllyngly
Lechery þu shalt not do of body ne of consent
No mennes godes þu shalt not stele nor witholde
Fals wytnes þu shalt not bere nor lye in ony wyse
The werkes of þe flessh þu desyre not but in maryage
Other mens godes þu shalt not coueyt to haue iniustly
Note: At beginning of Part II, cap. 1, between two woodcut illustrations.
Attributed Title: Thordynary of Crysten men (sig. Aa.1)
Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. Typographical Antiquities. Revised Joseph Ames and William Herbert. 4 vols. London: Bulmer, 1810, 1812, 1816, 1818: 2.103.
3.Source: STC 22408. Kalender of Shepherdes, R. Pynson, 1506
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