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Our marvelous God that most is of might
Spiritus Guidonis’ — in quatrains
Note: For other versions, see 4730 and Utley (1972), 688-700, 864-5.
Title(s): Spiritus Guidonis; The Gast of Gy
Subjects: dialogues, death and man
Versification: — four-line — abab

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Cambridge UK, Magdalene College Pepys 2125, ff. 131-139
First Lines:
oWre merueyllous god þat most ys of myȝt
alwey he wurcheþ to fastne oure fey…
Last Lines:
…And graunte vs to lyue as þy wille ys
euere þe while we beþ lyuynge
Note: Written two lines of verse per line of text in M.
Attributed Title: Explicit reuelacio spiritus Guydonis (f. 139)
2.Source: Leeds, Leeds University Library Brotherton 501 [olim Horton Hold Hall, Maggs Bros. Sale Cat. No. 580, Item 450], ff. 92-99v
First Lines:
LOrde and god alway lovere of all mankynde
Ys wont wondrys to werke al day al oure feyth to amende
A thowsend ȝere ccc xxti and thre be þat þe boke makyth spell
On this half gods natyuyte to telle a wondyr thing be fell…
Last Lines:
…Mercyfull god graunt vs þat blys all wey there in to haue duellyng
Dresse vs to go as thi wyl ys Euer whil we be here levyng
Amen to that ioye he vs bryng
When we make oure endyng
Note: Written two lines of verse per line of text in M.
Attributed Title: Here begynnyth a notabyll matere and a gret myracule don be oure lord ihesu cryst and shewyd In the ȝeer of his incarnacion M ccc xxiii and in the xvi day of decembyr in the Cete of Aleste Whiche myracule ys of a certeyn man that was callyd Gy… (f. 92)
Lightbown, J. A. “A Shorter Metrical Version of The Gast of Gy.” Modern Language Review 47 (1952): 323-9: 323-9.