The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
DIMEV 4444
IMEV 2794.8
NIMEV TM 1350 | 2794.99
Read distinctly / Pray devoutly
‘A spesiall Glasse to loke in daily’, precepts in -ly — thirty-two irregular rhyming lines
Note: Cf. 553, 560, 4810, 4840.
Title(s): ‘A spesiall Glasse to loke in daily’
Subjects: precepts
Versification: — irregular

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: London, British Library Harley 2252, f. 166
First Lines:
Rede dystynctlye
Pray devoutlye…
Last Lines:
…Lyve in aduersyte
Lyve in prossperyte
Attributed Title: A specyall glasse to loke in dayle (f. 166)
Louis, Cameron, ed. The Commonplace Book of Robert Reynes of Acle: an edition of Tanner MS 407. New York: Garland, 1980: 394.
2.Source: London, University of London MS 278 [olim Mostyn Hall 259] , f. iiv
First Lines:
Read distnctly
Pray deutly
Sygh depely
Meke your selffe lowely…
Last Lines:
…loue in ad uerssyte
loue in prosperyte
Thus all way thynke on loue for þat longyth
to gode & to his creatores thus to loue bryngth
the loue[?] to euer lastyne lyffe in heuen worlde
withowten ende AMen & cetera
Note: A flyleaf.
Attributed Title: A spesiall Glasse to loke in daily (f. iiv)
Pafford, J. H. P. “University of London Library MS. 278: Robert of Glouchester’s Chronicle.” In Studies Presented to Sir Hilary Jenkinson. J. Conway Davies, ed. London: Oxford UP, 1957: 304-19: 515-16, 313-14.

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 23961. Whitford, Richard, A boke newely translated out of Laten in to Englysshe, called The folowynge of Cryste, [[London]: Imprynted by me Robert wyer [and Peter Treveris?], dwellyng in saynt Martyns parysshe besyde charynge crosse, in the hysshop [sic] of Norwyche rentes, [1531?]]
Note: 28 lines; several later printings.
Raynal, Wilfrid, ed. Of the Imitation of Christ. Richard Whitford’s Translation of Thomas à Kempis ‘Imitatio Christi’. London and NY: Chatto and Windus, 1872; 2nd ed. 1908: 402-4; 1908, 267 (rpr. with London, British Library Harley 2252, Pafford (1957), 515-16, 313-14).