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DIMEV 4468
IMEV 2811.5
Renowned royal right reverend and serene
William Dunbar, ‘Welcum to Bernard Stewart, Lord of Aubigny, May, 1508’ — twelve 8-line stanzas (including acrostic on Barnardus) with refrain, ‘With glorie and honoure lawde and reuerence’
Note: Cf. 2438.
Author(s): William Dunbar
Title(s): ‘Welcum to Bernard Stewart, Lord of Aubigny, May, 1508’
Subjects: acrostics; occasional verse; historical poems; Steward, Bernard, lord of Aubigny
Versification: — eight-line — ababbcbc

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 7347. Dunbar, William, The ballade of ane right noble victorius & myghty lord Barnard Stewart lord of Aubigny erle of Beaumont … be Maistir Willyam Dunbar …, [Edinburgh: H. Chepman and A. Myllar, 1508] , sigs. a.2-a.3v
First Lines:
REnownit ryall right reuerend and Serene
Lord hie trywmphing in wirschip and valoure…
Last Lines:
…for wourthines in gold suld writtin be
With glorie and honour lawd and reuerence…
Note: Ends incomplete.
Attributed Title: The ballade of ane right noble victorius & myghty lord Barnard stewart lord of Aubigny erle of Beaumont roger and bonastre consaloure and chamberlane ordinare to the maist hee maist excellent & maist crystyn prince Loys king of france Knyght of his ordoure Capitane of the kepyng of his body Conquereur of Naplis and vinquhile constable general of the same Compilit be Maister Willyam dumbar at the said lordis cumyng to Edinburghe in Scotland send in ane ryght excellent embassat fra the said maist crystin king to our maist Souuerane lord and victorius prince James the ferde kyng of Scottis (sig. a.1)
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