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Saint Julian the good harbinger of noble kind come
Life of St. Julian Hosteler in the South English Legendary — couplets
Title(s): South English Legendary
Subjects: saints’ lives; Julian Hosteler, saint, life of
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Addit. C.38 (SC 30236), f. 43
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 43 (SC 6924), ff. 13-15
First Lines:
SEyn Iulian þe gode herbiour of noble kunne com
Stallward mon & noble he was & louede cristendom…
Last Lines:
…& atelaste þour godes wille þat we mote fle
To þe Ioie of heuene & wiþþoute ende þer be
Attributed Title: seynt Iulyan þe gode herberour (f. 13)
3.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 779 (SC 2567), ff. 126-127v
First Lines:
Seint Iulian þe herbeger of gode kynne come
stalworþ man & noble he was & loued cristindome…
Last Lines:
…& wente to þe ioye þat lestiþ wit oute ende
nouȝ Ihesu for seint iulianes loue vs graunte þedir to wende
Attributed Title: Seint iulian þe herberger (f. 126)
4.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Eng. poet. a.1 (SC 3938) [Vernon MS], ff. 11vb-12rb
First Lines:
SEint Iulian þe good herbigour of noble kuynde com
Stalwarde mon and noble he was And louede cristendom…
Last Lines:
…Now bidde we ȝeorne seint Iulian þat he vr ernde bede
Þat vr lord vs lete vr sunne bete and heuene haue to mede. Amen.
Doyle, I. A., ed. The Vernon Manuscript. A Facsimile of Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Eng. poet.a.1, with an introduction by A. I. Doyle. Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 1987.
Scase, Wendy, and Nick Kennedy, eds. A facsimile edition of the Vernon manuscript: Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Eng. Poet. A. 1. Oxford: The Bodleian Library, 2011.
5.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 108 (SC 1486), ff. 116-117
First Lines:
SEint Iulian þe guode herebeger of noble kuynde com
staleward and strong man he was and louede wel cristindom…
Last Lines:
…And at þe laste þoruȝ godes wille þat we moten teo
Into þe blisse of heuene and þare with outen ende beo
Attributed Title: Vita sancti Juliani boni hospitalis (f. 116)
Horstmann, Carl, ed. The Early South-English Legendary. EETS o.s. 87 (1887; repr. 1987): 256-60.
6.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 463 (SC 1596), ff. 5rb-6rb
First Lines:
SEint Julian þe gode hebiour of noble kyn come
Staluorp man he was & noble & louede cristendom…
Last Lines:
…And atte laste þorw godes wille þat we mowe fleo
To þe Ioye of heuene & withouten ende þer beo
Note: Two columns per page, one full-line, the other half-line.
7.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Tanner 17 (SC 9837), ff. 12-13v
First Lines:
SEint Iulian þe goode herberiour of noble kyn com
A stalworp man & noble he was & louede cristindome…
Last Lines:
…And atte laste dai þour goddis wille þat we mote fle
In þe ioye of heuen & wiþ outen ende þere be
8.Source: Oxford, Corpus Christi College 431, ff. 12v-14
First Lines:
[A] noper Iulian þer is þat men biddeþ faste
After god In in vuked stede wanne hy beþ þere of agaste
S[eint] Iulian þe gode herbiger of noble kynne com
Staleward man he was & louede wel cristendom…
Last Lines:
…& ȝe scholle boþe wip alle ioye nywene come him
po he hadde þis ised hy ne wiste ware he bicom…
Note: Ends imperfectly due to mutilation at top of leaf, where text should end on f. 14v.
Attributed Title: De sancto Iuliano hospitalario (f. 12v)
9.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Addit. 3039, ff. 120-122
First Lines:
Sayn Julyan þe gude herberioure of noble kynd he come
Stalworth man & noble he was & lufed cristendome
Solas he loued also ynoghe boþe of haukeȝ & hounde
Nobler body þen he was þen myght none be sonne þat stounde…
Last Lines:
…God for sayn Iulyane luf help vs at all oure nede
And lene us grace to slake oure synnes & heven hafe till our mede
10.Source: Cambridge UK, Corpus Christi College 145, ff. 12v-14v
First Lines:
Anoþer Iuliane þer is þat men biddeþ uaste
After god in strange stude wanne hi beþ þerof agaste…
Last Lines:
Sein Iulian þe gode herbigour of noble cunne com
Stalworde man and noble he was & louede cristendom…
…And atte laste þoru godes wille þat we mote fle
To þe ioie of heuene and wiþ oute ende þer be
D’Evelyn, Charlotte, and A. J. Mill, eds. The South English Legendary: Corpus Christi College Cambridge MS. 145 and British Museum MS. Harley 2277, with variants from Bodley MS. Ashmole 43 and British Museum MS. Cotton Julius D.ix. EETS o.s. 235 (1959), 236 (1956); repr. 1967: 1.32-7.
11.Source: Cambridge UK, Magdalene College Pepys 2344, pp. 118; 121
First Lines:
AN oþer Seint Julian þer is þat men biddeþ ffaste
After goed herborw in straunge stede whanne men beoþ agaste…
Last Lines:
…And atte laste þorw godes wille þat we mote ffleo
Alle sunne in eorþe and atte laste in þo blisse of heuene þat we beo
Note: Lines 1-25 and last 27 lines only, due to lost folio(s) between pages 118 and 121; pp. 119-120 should follow p. 122 (see 4571).
Attributed Title: Julianus (RT)
12.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.3.25 (605), ff. 34-35v
First Lines:
SEint Iulian þe goud herbyger of noble kunde come
Stalworþ man he was & loued cristendom…
Last Lines:
…Now bydde we seint Iulian þat he oure erande bere
Þat oure lord ous mulce ȝyue & al þat habbeþ nede here
Attributed Title: Iulian herbiger (RT)
13.Source: London, British Library Addit. 10301, ff. 19-21
First Lines:
ANoþer seint Iulian þer is þat men biddeþ faste
Aftur gode herborugh in strange stude wan hi beþ þer of agaste…
Last Lines:
…And atte laste þoru godes wille þat we mote fle
to þe Ioye of heuene and wiþ oute ende þer be
Attributed Title: De sancto Iuliano secundo (RT)
14.Source: London, British Library Cotton Julius D.IX, f. 14v
15.Source: London, British Library Cotton Titus A.XXVI, ff. 204v-207
First Lines:
Saynte Iulian the harbeiour of noblle kyne he was comyn
A stalworthe man he was and lowyd crystendom…
Last Lines:
…& all men he made at casse as well as he cowthe
god gyffe vs grace theder to com where as he is nowe. Amen
Note: Written as prose.
16.Source: London, British Library Egerton 1993, f. 101v
17.Source: London, British Library Egerton 2810 [olim Allan of Darlington], f. 14
18.Source: London, British Library Egerton 2891, f. 4v
19.Source: London, British Library Harley 2250, ff. 77v2-78v
First Lines:
Saynt Iulian þe noble herbargeor of noble kynne he come
Stalworthe mon & noble he was & louyd cristendome…
Last Lines:
…Now pray we to saynt Iulian þat he our ernde beede
Þat god vs graunte þrough our seruice þat gate þat Iulian ȝede
Attributed Title: De Sancto Iuliano Hospite (RT)
20.Source: London, Lambeth Palace Library 223, ff. 60-62
First Lines:
SAynt Iulyan þe noble herberiour of noble kynne he come
Stalworth man he ws ynogh þat loved cristendome…
Last Lines:
…Now bid we to saynt Iulyan þat he oure ernde bede
Þat god vs graunte þurȝ oure seruice þat gate þat Iulian ȝede Amen
Attributed Title: Saynt Iulian herberiour (RT)
21.Source: London (Kew), Public Record Office C 47/34/1/5, ff. 3-4
First Lines:
…As men and women doþ þat beoþ wery of wei
He ȝede ner & sei þer liggon man & woman also
He þouȝte þat þis is my wyf & a gedelyng þat is icom hure to
Nou þe ich ise wel þe hore is ywoned to misdo…
Note: 111 Lines; missing lines 1-44 due to loss of folio(s).
22.Source: New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Library, Takamiya Deposit 54 [olim Weld, sold Sotheby’s, lot 57, June 24, 1980], ff. 19-21
First Lines:
Anoþer seint Iulian þer is to whom men bidden faste
After good herbour in stronge place whan þei þerof ben agaste…
Last Lines:
…And þerto at goddis wille þat we mote flee
To þe ioie of heuene euere þerto be. Amen