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Saint Leonard the confessor aland yode here
Life of St. Leonard in the South English Legendary — couplets
Title(s): South English Legendary
Subjects: saints’ lives; Leonard, saint, life of
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 43 (SC 6924), f. 172v
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 779 (SC 2567), ff. 94v-96
First Lines:
Seint leonard þe comfessour alonde ȝede her
after þat god on erþe com aboute fyf hondred ȝer…
Last Lines:
…& alle þat beþ in preson I brouȝt þorw synne of mankinde
Ihesu for seint leonardes loue þer of þou hem brynge
Attributed Title: Seint leonard þe confessour (f. 94v)
3.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 108 (SC 1486), ff. 188-190
First Lines:
SEint leonard þe confessour a londe eode her
Aftur ore louerdes buyrtyme a boute fif hundred ȝer…
Last Lines:
…Þe miracles þat he for prisones dude ne may no man telle
Nov god for þe bone of Seint leonard us schilde fram þe pine of helle
Horstmann, Carl, ed. The Early South-English Legendary. EETS o.s. 87 (1887; repr. 1987): 456-62.
4.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 463 (SC 1596), ff. 102rb-103va
First Lines:
SEint leonard þe confessour on londe ȝeode here
After þat Crist on eorþe com aboute fiue hondred ȝere…
Last Lines:
…þe miracles þat seint Leonard dide may no tonge telle
Nou god shilde vs þoruh seint leonard fram þe prisoun of helle
Note: Two columns per page, one full-line, the other half-line.
5.Source: Oxford, Trinity College 57, f. 124
6.Source: Cambridge UK, Magdalene College Pepys 2344, pp. 474-478
First Lines:
Seint Leonard þe confessour alonde ȝeode her
After þat god on eorþe com aboute ffyue hondred ȝer…
Last Lines:
…Þe miracles þat he ffor prisoners dude ne can no man telle
Now god vs schulde þorw Seint Leonard ffram þe prisoun of helle
Attributed Title: Sanctus Leonardus (RT)
7.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.3.25 (605), ff. 236-238
First Lines:
SEint leonard þe confessoure was alonde here
After þat god in erþan come aboute fyf hondred ȝere…
Last Lines:
…þe miracles þat he for prisons dude ne may no tonge telle
god vus scheld þorw his loue fram þe pyne of helle
Attributed Title: Leonard (RT)
8.Source: London, British Library Cotton Julius D.IX, f. 167v
9.Source: London, British Library Egerton 2810 [olim Allan of Darlington], f. 106
10.Source: London, British Library Egerton 2891, f. 169
11.Source: London, British Library Harley 2277, f. 149v
D’Evelyn, Charlotte, and A. J. Mill, eds. The South English Legendary: Corpus Christi College Cambridge MS. 145 and British Museum MS. Harley 2277, with variants from Bodley MS. Ashmole 43 and British Museum MS. Cotton Julius D.ix. EETS o.s. 235 (1959), 236 (1956); repr. 1967: 2.476-83.
12.Source: London, Lambeth Palace Library 223, ff. 205-207
First Lines:
SAynt leonarde þe confessour on erþe ȝede here
After goddes birþe tyme about V C ȝere…
Last Lines:
…Þe myracles þat he of prisoneres did ne may no tongue telle
Now god shylde vs þurȝ saynt leonarde fro þe prisoun of helle Amen
Attributed Title: Saynt leonarde (RT)