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Saint Luke the Evangelist none apostle nas
Life of St. Luke in the South English Legendary — couplets
Title(s): South English Legendary
Subjects: saints’ lives; Luke, saint, life of
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 43 (SC 6924), ff. 154-155v
First Lines:
SEyn Luc þe euangelist non apostel nas
Ac þe apostles he siwede & hor diciple was…
Last Lines:
…Nou bidde we seynt Ion & seynt Luc & hor felawes beie
þat hi bringe ous toward heuene In þe riȝte weie
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 779 (SC 2567), ff. 190-190v
First Lines:
Seint Luk þe gospeller non apostle nas
& þou he sewed þe apostlis & here desiple was…
Last Lines:
…Now bidde we Ihesu for lukes loue þat good clerk was & wis
bring vs in to þat ilke ioye þer þat he in is
Attributed Title: Seint luk þe gospeler (f. 190)
3.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 463 (SC 1596), ff. 94vb-95va
First Lines:
SEint luk þe euangelist Non apostle nas
Ac þe apostles he suede & here disciple was…
Last Lines:
…Nou bidde we seint Ion & seint Luk & here felawes beye
þat þei bring vs toward heuen in þe right weye
Note: Two columns per page, one full-line, the other half-line
4.Source: Oxford, Trinity College 57, f. 114
5.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Addit. 3039, ff. 16v-17v
First Lines:
Seyn luke þe wangelyst þat holy man was & gode
Apostill was he noght butt wyth þem he ȝode
In antioche he was born a clerk he was full gode
And fysician nobull inogh hys bokes wele vndurstode…
Last Lines:
…Pray we Iohne & Matheu als Luke & Marke also
Þat þei vs bryng to heuen blys & cheld vs alle fro wo
Note: Variant text; formerly 2974.
6.Source: Cambridge UK, Corpus Christi College 145, ff. 163-164
First Lines:
Sein luc þe wangelist non apostel nas
Ac þe appostles he siwede & ȝare deciple was…
Last Lines:
…Nou bidde we sein Ion & sein luc & ȝare felawes beie
Þat hi bringe us toward heuene in þe riȝte weie
D’Evelyn, Charlotte, and A. J. Mill, eds. The South English Legendary: Corpus Christi College Cambridge MS. 145 and British Museum MS. Harley 2277, with variants from Bodley MS. Ashmole 43 and British Museum MS. Cotton Julius D.ix. EETS o.s. 235 (1959), 236 (1956); repr. 1967: 2.439.
7.Source: Cambridge UK, Magdalene College Pepys 2344, pp. 455-457
First Lines:
Seint Luk þe Ewangelist non apostel nas
Ak þe apostles he sywede and hare disciple was…
Last Lines:
…And whanne he is so [ ]
ȝut he may here [ ]
And a smal ff[ ]
Þer nys no [ ]
Seint [ ]
O [ ]…
Note: Ends imperfectly on f. 457, most of which has been torn away.
Attributed Title: Sanctus Lucas (RT)
8.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.3.25 (605), ff. 89-90
First Lines:
SEint luc þe ewangelyst non apostel nas
ac þe appostles he suwed & here decyple was…;
Last Lines:
…bydde we seint luc & seint Ion & here felawes beye
þat hii bringe ous toward heuene in þe ryȝt wey
Attributed Title: luc (RT)
9.Source: London, British Library Cotton Julius D.IX, f. 152v
10.Source: London, British Library Egerton 2810 [olim Allan of Darlington], f. 90
11.Source: London, British Library Egerton 2891, f. 156v
12.Source: London, British Library Harley 2277, f. 136
13.Source: London, British Library Stowe 949, ff. 28v-29v
First Lines:
Seynt luk þe Euuangeliste non apostel nas
Ac þe apostles he swede & hir discipyl was…
Last Lines:
…Nou bidde we seyn Ion & Seyn Luk & hor felawes beye
þat hii brynge vs toward heuene in þe rihte weye
14.Source: London, Lambeth Palace Library 223, ff. 194-195
First Lines:
SAynt luke þe euaungelist non apostle nas
But þe apostles he serued & her disciple he was…
Last Lines:
…Now bidde we saynt Ioon & saynt luke & her felawes beye
Þat þai vs lede toward heuen in þe riȝt weye Amen
Attributed Title: Saynt luke (RT)
15.Source: New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Library, Takamiya Deposit 54 [olim Weld, sold Sotheby’s, lot 57, June 24, 1980], ff. 147v-148
First Lines:
Seynt Luke þe euaungelist non apostel nas
But þe appostels he swed and her disciple was…
Last Lines:
…Prey we ȝerne seynt luke and his felowe beye
Þat þei vs bring toward heuene into þe riȝt weye. Amen.
Attributed Title: Vita sancti Luce Euaungeliste (f. 147v)