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Saint Philip and Saint Jacob apostles weren tway
Lives of SS. Philip and James in the South English Legendary — couplets
Title(s): South English Legendary
Subjects: saints’ lives; Philip and James, saints, lives of
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Addit. C.38 (SC 30236), f. 105v
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 43 (SC 6924), ff. 62v-63v
First Lines:
SEyn Pelip & seynt Iacob apostles tweie
þe uerste day þat comeþ in may deþ hi þolede beie…
Last Lines:
…Nou bidde we ȝerne seynt Iacob & seynt Pelip also
þat oure soule mote uorþ wiþ hore in to þe Ioie of heuene be ido
Note: Presented as two pieces each beginning with an ornamental capital.
Attributed Title: syn pelyp (f. 62v); syn Iacob (f. 63)
3.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 779 (SC 2567), ff. 122v-123v
First Lines:
Seint phelip & seint iacob apostles wern tweye
Þe ferste day þat comeþ in may deþ hy þoledin beye…
Last Lines:
…Now bidde we ȝerne seint phelip & seint iacob also
Þat oure soules mowe þorw hem In ioye of heuen ben do
Attributed Title: Seint phelip þe postil (f. 122v); Seint iacob þe postil (f. 123)
4.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Eng. poet. a.1 (SC 3938) [Vernon MS], f. 28va-28vb
First Lines:
Seint Phelip and seint Iacob apostles weoren tweyne
Þe furste day þat comeþ in Mai deþ heo þoleden beyne…
Last Lines:
…Now bidde we ȝeorne seint Phelip and seint Iacob also
Þat vre soules mote wiþ heoren in heuene ben i do. A.M.E.N.
Doyle, I. A., ed. The Vernon Manuscript. A Facsimile of Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Eng. poet.a.1, with an introduction by A. I. Doyle. Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 1987.
Scase, Wendy, and Nick Kennedy, eds. A facsimile edition of the Vernon manuscript: Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Eng. Poet. A. 1. Oxford: The Bodleian Library, 2011.
5.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 108 (SC 1486), ff. 156-157
First Lines:
SEint phelipe and Seint Iacob apostles weren tweiȝe
Þe formeste dai þat comeȝ in may deth huy þoleden beiȝe…
Last Lines:
…Apostel he was and martyr also faste men scholden is eue
Bote for þe heiȝe Easter feste men moten it nede bi leue
Attributed Title: Apostolorum Philippi et Iacobi (f. 156); Vita sancti Iacobi (f. 156v)
Horstmann, Carl, ed. The Early South-English Legendary. EETS o.s. 87 (1887; repr. 1987): 364-6.
6.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 463 (SC 1596), ff. 43ra-43va
First Lines:
SEint philip & sent Iacob Apostles were tweie
þe first day þat comeþ in may deþ þei tholede beye…
Last Lines:
…Bidde we ȝerne seint Iacob & sent philip also
þat oure soules mot with here into þe Ioye of heuene be do
Note: Two columns per page, one full-line, the other half-line.
7.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Tanner 17 (SC 9837), ff. 93v-95
First Lines:
SEint Philip & seint Iacob þat apostlis were tweye
þe firste day þat comeþ in may þe deþ þei þoled beye…
Last Lines:
…Bidde we ȝerne seint iacob and seint philip also
þat oure soulis myȝten wiþ here in þe ioie of heuyn be do
8.Source: Oxford, Trinity College 57, ff. 34v-35
First Lines:
Seint Phelip & seint Iacob appostles were tweye
þe ferste day þat comeþ in may deþ hy þolede beye…
Last Lines:
…Now bidde we ȝerne seint Iacob & seint Phelip al so
þat oure soule mote forþ with hare in ioye of heuene be y do
Attributed Title: vita sancti philippi apostoli (34v); vita sancti Iacobi minore (34v)
9.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Addit. 3039, f. 127
First Lines:
…I wolde þaim reste þair foly quod he if I myght
ffor al þat I þaim teche it soþe & right
Þai clombe to hym in wrath & sithen ate laste
Of þe pinnacle þai put hym doune & to þe erth hym caste…
Last Lines:
…Sayne Philip & sayne Iacob with gude herte I ȝou pray
þurgh ȝou þat we may come til blis þat lasteȝ ay
Note: Last 12 lines only, due to loss of folios.
10.Source: Cambridge UK, Corpus Christi College 145, ff. 62-63
First Lines:
Sein phelip and sein Iacob apostles were tweie
Þe verste day þat comeþ in may deþ hi þolede beie…
Last Lines:
…Nou bidde we ȝerne sein Iacop & sein phelip also
Þat oure soule mote forþ wiþ here in þe ioie of heuene be ido
Note: Last 12 lines only, due to loss of folios.
D’Evelyn, Charlotte, and A. J. Mill, eds. The South English Legendary: Corpus Christi College Cambridge MS. 145 and British Museum MS. Harley 2277, with variants from Bodley MS. Ashmole 43 and British Museum MS. Cotton Julius D.ix. EETS o.s. 235 (1959), 236 (1956); repr. 1967: 1.164-7.
11.Source: Cambridge UK, Magdalene College Pepys 2344, pp. 263-265
First Lines:
Seint phelip and Seint Iacob Apostles were tweye
Þe ffurste day þat comeþ in May deþ hi þolede beye…
Last Lines:
…Now bidde we ȝerne Seint Iacob and Seint phelip also
Þat we mote fforþ wiþ ham in þe ioye of heuene beo ydo
Attributed Title: Philippus & Iacobus (RT)
12.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College R.3.25 (605), ff. 62v-63v
First Lines:
SEint phelip & seint iacob appostelis were twey
Þe furst day þat comeþ in may deþ hii þoled beye…
Last Lines:
…Now bedde we ȝerne seint iacob & seint phelip al so
Þat oure saule mot forþ with here in þe Ioie of heuene be do
Attributed Title: Iacob (RT)
13.Source: London, British Library Addit. 10301, ff. 73v-75
First Lines:
SEin phelip & sein Iacop apostles were tweye
þe verste day þat comeþ in may deþ hy þolede beye…
Last Lines:
…Nou bidde we ȝerne sein iacop & sein phelip also
þat oure soule mote forth wiþ hare in þe Ioie of heuene be y do
Attributed Title: De sancto philippo (f. 73v, by scribe in margin beside first line); phillippo, De sancto Iacobo, Iacobo (RT)
14.Source: London, British Library Cotton Julius D.IX, f. 65v
15.Source: London, British Library Egerton 1993, f. 143v
16.Source: London, British Library Egerton 2810 [olim Allan of Darlington], f. 55
17.Source: London, British Library Egerton 2891, f. 71v
18.Source: London, British Library Harley 2277, f. 36v
19.Source: London, Lambeth Palace Library 223, ff. 96-97v
First Lines:
SAynt Philip & Iacob were apostles two
þe first day þat comes in Maij þai suffred deþ boþe…
Last Lines:
…His soule þo he ded was to heuen on hegh con wende
No god for saynt Iacobes loue graunte vs þider to wende Amen
Attributed Title: Saynt Philippe & Iacob (RT)
20.Source: Winchester, Winchester College 33, f. 31v
21.Source: New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Library, Takamiya Deposit 54 [olim Weld, sold Sotheby’s, lot 57, June 24, 1980], ff. 74v-75v
First Lines:
Seynt Philip and seint Iacob appostels were twey
Þe furst day of May deþ þei suffred beye…
Last Lines:
…Now prei we ȝerne seynt Philip & seint Iacob also
That oure soules mote forth wiþ her to heuenly Ioye goo. Amen.