The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
IMEV 285
An doly season to an careful ditty
Robert Henryson, The Testament of Cresseid — eighty-six stanzas rhyme royal, with Complaint in seven 9-line stanzas
Note: Ringler Jr. (1992), TM 165; Ringler Jr. (1988), TP 156.9.
Author(s): Robert Henryson
Title(s): The Testament of Cresseid
Subjects: Troilus and Criseyde, story of
Versification: — seven-line, nine-line — ababbcc, aabaabbab

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Addit. C.287 (SC 29640), pp. 476-509
First Lines:
A doly seasun till a care full dite
Should correspond & be equiualent
Right so it was when I began to write
This tragedy the weder right feruent…
Last Lines:
…Of faire Creseid as I haue saied before
Sith she is dedde I spake of her no more
Note: 1640 transcript of Thynne’s edition by Kinaston; ‘Annotationes in Triste Creseide Testamentum’ follow the poem on pp. 510-525; at the end on p. 525: ‘Finis. Quarto Maii 1640‘. Eng. from Thynne, with Latin tr. by Kinaston, c. 1639.
Smith, G. Gregory, ed. The Poems of Robert Henryson. 3 vols. Scottish Text Society 55 (1906), 58 (1908), 64 (1914); rpt. New York, 1968: 1.1.
2.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Gg.4.27 (Part 1b), f. 9
First Lines:
…This roiall ringe set with this rubie redd
Which Troilus in dowrie to me sende…
Last Lines:
…Some time compted the flovere of woman hed
vnder this stone late leper lieth dedde
Note: Fragment, lines 582-609, in a seventeenth-century hand from Speght (1598).
Attributed Title: The Testament of Creside (f. 9)
Parkes, Malcolm B., and Richard Beadle. “Introduction.” Poetical Works. Geoffrey Chaucer. A Facsimile of Cambridge University Library MS Gg.4.27. 3 vols Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 1979 (vol. 1); 1980 (vols. 2-3).
3.Source: Cambridge UK, St John’s College L.1 (235), ff. 121v-128v
First Lines:
A doly season till a carefull dite
Should correspond and be aequivalent…
Last Lines:
…Of faire Creiseid as I haue said before
Sith shee is dedd I speake of her noe more
Note: Added by a hand of s. xvi2.
Attributed Title: The Testament of Criseide (f. 121v); Explicit Liber Troili & Creiseidos (f. 128v)
Beadle, Richard, and Jeremy Griffiths. “Introduction.” St. John’s College, Cambridge Manuscript L. 1. A Facsimile. Norman, OK: Pilgrim, and Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer, 1983.
4.Source: Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Library Dc.1.43 [Ruthven MS], f. 301v
First Lines:
doly sassone onto ane cayrfull dit
suld corespond & be eqewolent…
Last Lines:
…And poell artyk com wystleand lovd & schyll
And causit me rai[ ]t agane my wyll…
Note: Stanzas 1-3 only, added to flyleaf.

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: Geoffrey Chaucer, Workes, Thynne, 1532 , ff. 219ara-219dvb
First Lines:
A Doly season tyl a careful dyte
Shulde coresponde & be equiuolent…
Last Lines:
…Of fayre Creseyde as I haue sayd before
Sithe she is deed I speke of her no more
Note: 606 lines; follows Troilus and Criseyde, but noted as distinct (see printed closing to Troilus); sigs. Q.q.iiira-Q.q.vivb; three folios unnumbered between 219 (end of Troilus) and 220 (beginning of Legend of Good Women), so here designated numbered 219 as ‘219a’ and three unnumbered as ‘219b’ to ‘219d’; see 17th-century transcript by Kinaston above.
Attributed Title: The testament of Creseyde (f. 219ara); Thus endeth the fyfth and laste booke of Troylus and here foloweth the pyteful and dolorous testament of fayre Creseyde (f. 219ara); This endeth the pyteful and dolorous testament of fayre Creseyde (f. 219dvb)
Smith, G. Gregory, ed. The Poems of Robert Henryson. 3 vols. Scottish Text Society 55 (1906), 58 (1908), 64 (1914); rpt. New York, 1968: 3.175-98.
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