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Barbour’s Bruce — about 13,550 lines in couplets
Author(s): John Barbour
Title(s): Bruce
Subjects: historical poems
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Cambridge UK, St John’s College G.23 (191), ff. 26-163v
First Lines:
…It was gret pite for to heir
ffolk till be tribulit on þis maner…
Last Lines:
…Bryng ws hye vp till hevynis blis
Quhar all wayis liff and liking is
Note: Begins Bk. IV, line 57.
Attributed Title: Explicit liber excellentissimi et nobilissimi principis roberti de broys scottorum regis illustrissimi qui hec liber scriptus fuit & finitus in vigilia sancti iohannis baptiste videlicet decollacio eiusdem per manum I de R capellam anno domini Millesimo Quadrangentesimo octogesimo septimo (f. 163v)
Skeat, Walter William, ed. The Bruce by John Barbour. EETS e.s. 11 (1870); 21 (1874); 29 (1877); 55 (1889); repr. in 2 vols, 1968.
Skeat, Walter William, ed. The Bruce, etc. 2 vols. Scottish Text Society 31-33. Edinburgh, London: Blackwood, 1894.
2.Source: Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Advocates’ 19.2.2, ff. 1ra-65ra
First Lines:
Storyis to rede ar delitabill
Suppose þat þai be nocht bot fabill…
Last Lines:
…bring ws hey till hure mekill blis
quhar alwayis lestand liking Is
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Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 1377.5. Barbour, John, [Acts and life of Robert Bruce], [Imprintit at Edinburgh: by Robert Lekpreuik, at the expensis of Henrie Charteris, anno Do. M.D.LXXI. [1571]]
Note: Further editions by Andro Hart, 1616; Anderson 1670; etc.