The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
DIMEV 5061
IMEV 3226
NIMEV 3226
Sustain abstain keep well in your mind
Advice regarding abstenance and forbearance — five stanzas rhyme royal with refrain, ‘Amonges all other for the moste happy’ or ‘Of all other shalbe most happy’
Subjects: advice; abstenance
Versification: — seven-line — ababbcc

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Christ Church Allestree fragment, p. 167
First Lines:
Sustine abstine kepe well in yowr mynde
Beare and forbere haue euer in remembrance…
Last Lines:
…Beare forbeare and then schall ye trewlye
Off all lyuynge creatures be the moste happye
Note: A single leaf.
2.Source: London, British Library Harley 5036, ff. 25v-26
First Lines:
Sustein absteine kepe welle in your minde
Beare and fforbeare haue euer in remembrance…
Last Lines:
…Beare fforbeare an than shall ye treuly
Off all lyuing creature be the moste happy
3.Source: Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Advocates’ 1.1.6 [Bannatyne MS], ff. 83v-84
First Lines:
Sustene Abstene keip weill in ȝowr mynd
beir and forbeir haif evir in remenbrance…
Last Lines:
…Beir and forbeir and than sall ȝe trewlie
off all leving creaturis be most happie
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4.Source: Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin 160, Part II, ff. 161-161v
First Lines:
Sustayne abstayne kep well in your mynd
barr and fforbeare haue euer in Remembrance…
Last Lines:
…betyr fforber and then shall ye truly
Of all other creators be most hapye