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IMEV 3265.5
Tell you I shall
John Skelton, ‘The Tunnyng of Elymour Rummyng’ — 623 lines in ‘skeltonics’
Author(s): John Skelton
Title(s): ‘The Tunnyng of Elymour Rummyng’
Versification: — skeltonic

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: London, British Library Addit. 22504, ff. 35v-36v
First Lines:
[Þ]u þinge for to knowe god almyȝty
es þe seuene sacramentes þat holy chirche gifes…
Last Lines:
…mekely to suffur wheþer so euere fall is woo or welþe
and þat our herte be noghte ouer highe for no welfare…
Note: Transcript from early print. Written as prose. Text is incomplete, ending mid-way through the sixth vertue.
Attributed Title: here bigynnen þo seuen sacramentis (f. 35v)

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