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IMEV 3268
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That blissful bairn in Bethlehem born
The Virtues of the Mass — 281 5-line stanzas
Subjects: mass, virtues of
Versification: — five-line — aabab

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Addit. A.268 (SC 29387), ff. 139rb-145vb
First Lines:
That blesset barn in ledlem borne
þat let his brayne be thrille with thorne
ffor mones mysdede
Let neuer þer saules thurȝ syn be lorne…
Last Lines:
…That barne best bryng vs to blis
With hym to belde
2.Source: London, British Library Royal 17 C.XVII, ff. 155v-162v
First Lines:
[Þ]At blyssful barme in bedlem borne
þat lete hys brayne be thyrled with thorne
ffor mans myd dede…
Last Lines:
…he pyght saynt clement a pope I wyus
þat barne best bryng vs to blys
wyt hym to beyld
Now as I wretyn to more & lesse
Vycis[?] & vertus of þe messe
Als wele as þat I kan
ffor my syght es ay warsse
þer for blame me no man
3.Source: New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Library 317 [olim Phillipps 1052], ff. 22-27v
First Lines:
That blyssyd childe yn bedlem born
þat suffred his brayn be þirlyd with þorn
ffor mannys mysdede…
Last Lines:
…The childe þat best ys brynge vs to blys
with hym to byelde
Attributed Title: Here folowyth þe medys and grace þat is gevyn vnto theym þat devoutly heryth þe masse (f. 22); Explicit modus audiendi missam cum indulgencia eiusdem Deo gracias (f. 27v)