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That may ye by Saint Martin see
Saints Martin, Anthony, and Machary: exempla in the Northern Homily Cycle
Title(s): Northern Homily Cycle
Subjects: exempla ; Martin, saint; Anthony, saint; Macarius, saint
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Selden Supra 52 (SC 3440), ff. 176-178
First Lines:
Heyr of sant martyn may ȝe see
ffor in hys lyfe þer fynd we…
Last Lines:
…Of meknes to þat grett blyse
þat to meke men ordand ys
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 42 (SC 6923), ff. 21v-23v
First Lines:
þat may ȝe be saynte martyne se
ffor in his life þus writen finde we…
Last Lines:
…Amen amen all say we
Oure lorde leue þat it swa be
Thompson, Anne B., ed. The Northern Homily Cycle. Kalamazoo, MI: Western Michigan University for TEAMS, 2008.
3.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Eng. poet. a.1 (SC 3938) [Vernon MS], ff. 171rc-171vb
First Lines:
Þat may ȝe be seint Martin se
ffor in his lyf fynde we…
Last Lines:
…Amen Amen Amen sey we
Vre lord graunte þat hit so be. Amen.
Attributed Title: How þe deuel apperede to seynt Martyn (f. 171rc)
Doyle, I. A., ed. The Vernon Manuscript. A Facsimile of Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Eng. poet.a.1, with an introduction by A. I. Doyle. Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 1987.
Scase, Wendy, and Nick Kennedy, eds. A facsimile edition of the Vernon manuscript: Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Eng. Poet. A. 1. Oxford: The Bodleian Library, 2011.
Horstmann, Carl. “Die Evangelien-Geschichten der Homiliensammlung des Ms. Vernon.” Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen 57 (1877): 241-316: 246-7.
4.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Dd.1.1, ff. 54-55v
First Lines:
That may ȝe be seynt martyn se
for in his lyf fynde we…
Last Lines:
…Amen amen sey now alle we
oure lord graunte þat it so be
Note: No break marked between this and preceding 245 in this MS.
5.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Gg.5.31, ff. 25v-27
First Lines:
þat may ȝe be saint martyn see
ffor in hys lyue fynd we…
Last Lines:
…Off meknes vnto þat blys
þat to mekemen graþhede es
Attributed Title: Narracio (f. 25v)
Small, John, ed. English Metrical Homilies…. Edinburgh: W. Paterson, 1862: 68-73.
6.Source: London, British Library Addit. 38010, ff. 21v-22
First Lines:
That may ȝe by sant martyn se
ffor in his lyue fynde be…
Last Lines:
…Of moknes vnto þat blys
That to meke men graunted es
7.Source: London, British Library Harley 2391, f. 158v
Note: Anthony and Machary only.
8.Source: Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales Brogyntyn ii.1 [olim Porkington 10], f. 86v
Note: Anthony and Machary only.
9.Source: London, Lambeth Palace Library 260, f. 8vb
10.Source: San Marino, CA, Henry Huntington Library HM 129 [olim Phillipps 20420], ff. 12v-14v
First Lines:
Þat may ȝe by seint martyn se
ffor in his lyfe fynd we
þat as he was in orysoum
Come þe fend as kynge with croum…
Last Lines:
…Off mekenys in to þe blys
Þat to meke men grauntyd is
Note: This MS begins text two lines later, treting first two lines above as ending of 245; Separate heading ‘Narracio’ and pointing hand to indicate new text for Machary (f. 13).
Attributed Title: narracio (ff. 12v, 13)