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IMEV 3372
NIMEV 3372
The great sentence I write thee here
The Method of pronouncing sentence of Excommunication — in prose with a preface of twelve rhyming lines and ten rhyming lines at the conclusion
Subjects: introductions, to prose texts; epilogues, to prose texts; liturgical texts; excommunication

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: London, British Library Cotton Claudius A.II, f. 125v
First Lines:
Þe grete sentens I wryte þe here
Þat foure tymes in þe ȝere
Last Lines:
…ssepelle hit reddely for noȝt þu wonde
Þat alle men þe vndurstande
Note: Written as prose.
Peacock, E., ed. John Myrc: Instructions for Parish Priests. EETS o.s. 31 (1868); repr. 1973: 21, 24.
Wordsworth, Charles, and Henry Littlehales. The Old Service Books of the English Church. London: 1904: 271 (preface only).

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 17957. Mirk, John, tHis day is callyd the first sonday of aduent, that is the sonday in cristys comyng Therfore holy chirche this day maketh mencion of ij comynges…, [[Westminster]: Enprynted by wylliam Caxton at westmestre, [1483 (30 June)]]
2.Source: STC 17959. Mirk, John, Incipit liber qui vocatur festialis, [Westminster: Printed by William Caxton, 1491]
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5.Source: STC 17965. Mirk, John, Incipit liber (qui Festialis appellatur( [sic], [Finitum westmonasterio: [Wynkyn de Worde], Anno [et]c.lxxxxvi [i.e. 1496]]
6.Source: STC 17966.5. Mirk, John, Incipit liber qui vocatur festiualis, [London: Finitum et completum per Richardu[m] Pynson com[m]orantem extra barram noui templi London[iensis?], anno incarnationis dominici. M. cccc. nonagesimonono. sexto die mensis Iulii. [1499]]
7.Source: STC 17967. Mirk, John, Incipit liber qui Festialis appellatur, [Finitu[m] et completu[m] in Westmonasterio]: [By Wynkyn de Worde], [Anno dni .M. cccc. nonagesimonono.] [1499]
8.Source: STC 17968. Mirk, John, [Liber festiualis], [Westmonasterio: Finitum [et] co[m]pletu[m] p[er] Julianu[m] notarii, Anno in carnationis dni. M.cccc.nonagesimonono. Secu[n]do die mensis Ianuarii.] [1499]
Note: Further printed editions, after 1500, see STC 17969 and following.