The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
IMEV 314
And we find written of an hermit / That lived long without wit
The Hermit who returned to the World, in the Northern Homily Cycle — in couplets
Title(s): Northern Homily Cycle
Subjects: exempla
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Selden Supra 52 (SC 3440), ff. 208-208v
First Lines:
And we fynd wryttyn of on armett
þat lyfyd lang with owtyn wytt…
Last Lines:
…Bott bryng vs to þat ylk blys
þat þi chosyn chylder grauntyd ys
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 42 (SC 6923), ff. 53v-54
First Lines:
Als we find writen of ane hermite
þat liued lange wiþ outen wyte…
Last Lines:
…Amen amen all we saye
ffor þare es endeles gammenn & playe
Thompson, Anne B., ed. The Northern Homily Cycle. Kalamazoo, MI: Western Michigan University for TEAMS, 2008.
3.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Eng. poet. a.1 (SC 3938) [Vernon MS], ff. 179rc-179va
First Lines:
WE fynden I writen of an Hermyte
þat lyuede longe withouten wyte…
Last Lines:
…Amen Amen alle we say
ffor þer is euere Ioye and play
Attributed Title: De quodam hermita vocato non elecco (f. 179rc)
Doyle, I. A., ed. The Vernon Manuscript. A Facsimile of Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Eng. poet.a.1, with an introduction by A. I. Doyle. Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 1987.
Scase, Wendy, and Nick Kennedy, eds. A facsimile edition of the Vernon manuscript: Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Eng. Poet. A. 1. Oxford: The Bodleian Library, 2011.
Horstmann, Carl. “Die Evangelien-Geschichten der Homiliensammlung des Ms. Vernon.” Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen 57 (1877): 241-316: 258-9.
4.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Addit. 8335 [olim Bute], pp. 99-100
First Lines:
And of ane heremyte also we rede
Þat lyfed longe with outen mysdede…
Last Lines:
…Bot bryng vs til þat ilk blisse
Þat for þe chosene ordeyned is
Attributed Title: Narracio de quodam heremita seducto par diabolum (p. 99)
5.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Dd.1.1, ff. 82v-83
First Lines:
And we fynden writen of an Ermyte
þat lyuyd longe wiþ outen wite…
Last Lines:
…Amen Amen alle we say
ffor there is euere game & play
Attributed Title: Narracio (f. 82v)
6.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Gg.5.31, ff. 54v-55
First Lines:
And we fynd wryten of a hermite
þat lyffed lang for outen wite…
Last Lines:
…Amen amen we all say
ffor þer es endlys gam and play
Attributed Title: Narracio (f. 54v)
7.Source: London, British Library Addit. 38010, ff. 53-54
First Lines:
And we fynde writtyn of a ermyte
That lyeud lange withouten wyte…
Last Lines:
…Amen amen sall we all say
ffor þaire es euer gamen and play
8.Source: London, British Library Cotton Tiberius E.VII, f. 135ra
9.Source: London, British Library Harley 2391, f. 170
10.Source: London, British Library Harley 4196, f. 39v
11.Source: London, Lambeth Palace Library 260, f. 20vb
12.Source: Minneapolis MN, Minnesota University Library Z.822.N.81 [olim Phillipps 8122], ff. 29-29v
First Lines:
als we fynde of ane hermet wrytene
and lyuede lang with owtyn wyttene…
Last Lines:
…Amen amen we all say
ffor þer es oure game & play
Note: Note folio change from bad key.
13.Source: San Marino, CA, Henry Huntington Library HM 129 [olim Phillipps 20420], ff. 48-49
First Lines:
And we fynd wrytyn of an hermyte
þat lyuyd lange with outyn wyte…
Last Lines:
…Amen loke þat we al say
ffor þayr is euer gamyn and play
Attributed Title: narracio (f. 48)