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The true process of English policy
The Libel of English Policy, the ‘A’ text — in couplets, with a Prologue of seven stanzas rhyme royal and Envoy of two 8-line stanzas
Note: For an abstract see 1527. For the ‘B’ Text, 1st version, see 5509; for the ‘B’ Text, 2nd version, see 5510.
Title(s): The Libel of English Policy
Subjects: advice, to magistrates; envoys; political verse; merchants; prologues
Versification: — two-line, seven-line, eight-line — aa, ababbcc

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud misc. 704 (SC 815), ff. 1-19
First Lines:
The trewe Processe of englysh polycye
Of vtterwarde to kepe thys regne in rest…
Last Lines:
…Whanne he the redde all over in a nyghte
So forthe trewe booke and criste defende þi ryghte
Attributed Title: HEir beginneth the Prologe of the processe of the libelle of Englysh polycye erhortynge all englande to kepe the See environ and namelye the narowe see Shewynge whate profete commieth thereof. And also worshype and saluasioun to englande and to all englyshe menne (f. 1)
Wright, Thomas, ed. Political Poems and Songs relating to English History, composed during the period From the Accession of Edward III to that of Richard III. 2 vols. Rolls Series 14 (1859, 1861); repr. Kraus, 1965: 2.157-205.
Hertzberg, Wilhelm Adolf Boguslaw, and Reinhold Pauli. Libel of Englysche Policy. Leipzig: Hirzel, 1878.
Hertzberg, Wilhelm Adolf Boguslaw, and Reinhold Pauli. Libel of Englysche Policy. Leipzig: Hirzel, 1878.
2.Source: Oxford, All Souls College 103, ff. 1-12v
First Lines:
The true proces off englyssh polyce
Off vtterward to kepe this reame to rest…
Last Lines:
…It nedeth no more this mater texpoun
ffarewell Wales than Inglond cometh to drede…
Note: Ends imperfectly line 731.
Attributed Title: Here begynnethe the prolog off the processe off the libelle of Englische polycie exortyng Alle Englonde to kepe the See environ and namely the Narowe See Shewynge whate profette comythe there off And Alle so whate worsshupe And Saluacioun to Englonde (f. 1); Incipit liber de custodia maris presertim (f. 1, right margin)
3.Source: Cambridge UK, Magdalene College Pepys 1461, ff. 1-23
First Lines:
The trewe processe of Englisch policie
Vttward to kepe this reame in rest…
Last Lines:
…When he the radde all ouyr manyght
Go forthe trew boke & Cryst defend thy Ryght
Attributed Title: Here begynnyth the prologe of the processe of the libell of englysch policie exhortyng all England to kepe the see environ and nanly the narow see seying what profyt cometh ther of & all so what worschipe & saluacocioun to Engeland (f. 1); Explicit libellus de policia concervativa Maris (f. 23)
4.Source: London, British Library Harley 78, ff. 54-69
First Lines:
…Merche fustian & also lynnyn cloth
But ye fflemmynges yf ye be not wroth…
Last Lines:
…Whan he it redde all ouer in a nyght
Goo forthe trewe boke & cryste defend thi ryght
Note: A text; begins imperfectly at line 75.
Attributed Title: Explicit Libellus de policie Conseruatiua Maris (f. 69)
5.Source: London, British Library Harley 4011, ff. 120-137v
First Lines:
The trew processe off Englissh policye
Off outward to kepe this lond in rest…
Last Lines:
…The ende of bataile is pease sikerly
And poverte causith pease synall verrely…
Note: Missing lines 626-679 and ends imperfectly at line 1091 at lower margin of verso.
Attributed Title: Here begynnethe the Prologe off the libelle of englissh policie exhortyng all Englonde to kepe the See envyron and namly the narow See Shewyng what profite cometh therof and also what worship and salua (incomplete rubric heading, by scribe, f. 120)
6.Source: Belfast, Queen’s University 3/11B, a single leaf
7.Source: London, Society of Antiquaries 101, ff. 50-67v
First Lines:
The trew processe off englisch policie
As toward to kepe the reaume in rest
Of englond that no man may deuise
The soth to say hit ys on the best…
Last Lines:
…Off high wittes lordis Ryght fameux
To examyne thy dull vyditee
I offre to the them to be gracious
To myn excuse fare wele myn own trete
Attributed Title: Here begynnythe the prologe of the Lible of englisch / policie exorting all Englond to kepe the See enueron / and namely to kepe the narow See Shewyng what proffit / cometh therof & also worship to the Reaume of Englond / and to all Englisch men (f. 50)