The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
DIMEV 5938
Thy greyhound must be headed like a snake
The qualities of a good greyhound — varying numbers of couplets or couplets and triplets
Note: Formerly 42.5; Tilley (1950) S 283; bad key, TP 18.5; Ringler Jr. (1992), TM 2.
Subjects: dogs; greyhounds; hunting; utilitarian verse
Versification: — two-line, three-line — aa, aaa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: London, British Library Egerton 1995, f. 55v
Thy greyhounde moste be heddyd lyke a snake
I neckyd lyke a drake
I brestyde lyke a lyon
I fotyd lyke a noyuon
I syded lyke a noyuon
I fotyde lyke a catte
I taylyd lyke a ratte
Thenne ys the grehounde welle I shapte
Attributed Title: The Condyscyons of A grehounde ande of hys propyrnyng propyrteys (f. 55v)
Mooney, Linne R. “Practical Didactic Works in Middle English.” Diss. Toronto, 1981: 433.
2.Source: Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin 661, p. 64
he shuld be heddyd lyke a snake
and nekkyd lyke a drake
footyd lyke a catt
Taylled lyke a ratt
Sydyd lyke a teme
and chyned lyke a beme
Attributed Title: The properties of a good greyhounde (p. 64)

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 3308. Boke of Hawking, Hunting, and Blasing of Arms, [St Albans, 1486] , sig. f.4v
A Grehounde shulde be heded like a Snake
and necked like a drake
foted like a kat
Tayled llike a Rat
Syded lyke a Teme
Chyned like a Beme
Note: CUL shelfmark, Inc.3.J.4.1. (3636); 3 couplets in this version.
Attributed Title: The propreteis of a goode Grehound (sig. f.4v)
Blades, William. “Introduction.” Facsimile edition of The Boke of Saint Albans by Dame Juliana Berners. London: Elliot Stock, 1881.
Hands, Rachel. “Introduction.” English Hawking and Hunting in The Boke of St Albans. Oxford: University Press, 1975.
2.Source: STC 3309. The Manere of Hawkyng and Huntyng and also of cote armours And of the blasynge of armys [and] The treatyse of fysshynge wyth an angle, de Worde, 1496
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