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IMEV 3730
NIMEV 3730
Thy joy be ilke a deal to serve thy god to pay
Richard Rolle, an exhortation to love Jesus — twelve monorhyming quatrains with medial rhyme.
Note: Incorporates 401
Author(s): Richard Rolle
Subjects: Jesus, love toward
Versification: — four-line — aaaa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Dd.5.64, Part III, ff. 42-42v
First Lines:
[t]Hy ioy be ilk a dele to serue þi god to pay
ffor al þis worldes wele þu sees wytes a way
þow fande his lufe to fele þt last with þe will ay
And þi kare sal kele þi pyne turne þe to play…
Last Lines:
…Ioy in þi brest es bredde when þu ert hym lufand
þi sawle þand hase he fedde in swete lufe brennand
Al vanites forsake if þu hys lufe wil fele et ceteraut supra
Note: Follows the explict for R. Hampole, top of f. 42: ‘Expliciunt cantica diuini amoris secundum Ricardum Hampole’. This is then followed by the heading for 3730: ‘Item secundum eundem Ricardum’.
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2.Source: Lincoln, Lincoln Cathedral Library 91 [Robert Thornton MS], ff. 222-222v
First Lines:
Þi Joy be ilke a dele
to serue thi godd to paye
ffor all this worldes wele
þou sese it wytes a waye…
Last Lines:
Ioy in thi breste es bredde
When þu erte hym lufande
Thi saule þan hase he fedde
In swete lufe ay brennande
Note: Incomplete. 401 follows as if part of the same work.
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3.Source: Longleat, Marquess of Bath MS 29, ff. 53-53v
First Lines:
Thy ioy be euerydele to serue þi god to paye
þou besy þe his loue to fele þat leste wil with þe aye…
Last Lines:
…Thi soul þat he hath fedde In swet loue brennynge
All vanytees forsake If þou his loue wil fele
Note: Written as verse. Followed without break by 401
Ogilvie-Thomson, J. S., ed. Richard Rolle: Prose and Verse. EETS 293 o.s. 293 (1988): 46-8.