The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
DIMEV 6055
IMEV 194.5
NIMEV Skelton | TP 2055
Too hasty of sentence / Too fierce for none offence
John Skelton, ‘The Relucent Mirror’, a carol with burden: ‘All noble men take hede / and beleue ytt as your crede’ — thirty lines in Skeltonics
Note: Formerly 194.5; also used as prefatory lines to 1335; Ringler Jr. (1992), TM 1770; Ringler Jr. (1988), TP 2055.
Author(s): John Skelton
Title(s): ‘The Relucent Mirror’
Subjects: carols, secular; advice, moral
Versification: — irregular — irregular

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson C.813 (SC 12653) [Welles Anthology], f. 36
First Lines:
To hastye of Sentence
To ferce for non offence…
Jansen, Sharon L., and Kathleen H. Jordan, eds. The Welles Anthology: MS. Rawlinson C.813: A Critical Edition. Binghamton, NY: Medieval & Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1991: 166-8.

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