The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
DIMEV 6101.5
Under this graven stone doth lie
Incised slab to William Farnham (d. 1548)
Subjects: epitaphs; Farnham, William; life, transience of
Versification: — four-line — abab

1.Source: Quorndon, Leicestershire. Incised slab to William Farnham (d. 1548).
Vnder this graven Stone doth lye
here hydden in the moulde
the corpys of him whose upright lyfe
Yw sourthy to be toulde
A man that came of gentyll bloudevfrome tyme that far ys spent
and yet of landes & lyvings small
suche fate to hym was sente
much wealthe he never dyd possesse
nor never dyd he wante
those worldlie goods that god hym sente
to no man we their scante
instede of wourldlye pompe and lands
with love he purchasyd fame
and that he to his children left
that they might do the same
by wrongfull means he hurted none
but wyshed all mens good
and helpinge was to suche as nede
if in his power it stoode
by upright lyffe he lernyd to dye
by deathe to lyffe agayne
though yearthe to earthe of course converts
yet sperett dothe remayne
but as for earthly things are paste
And he lyeth here in grave
ffor longer than the appoynted tyme
no care his lyffe might save
ffor those that lyve to see and reede
this senttence write on stone
muste runne their race as he hathe doon
and then they must be gonne
so fyckell is this fletynge state
of lyffe and worldlie weale
that when wee thinke we stande moste sure
then souneste will they feale
for God that vital breathe dothe give
gave fate that goodes do gyve
will let us know how long that lyff
or wealthe w[i]th us shall byde
therefore as he with perfect lyffe
lett all your deedys be juste
ffor that before the lord shall shyne
Where all your goods shall ruste
and as he to the wourldleye eys
dyd leade a liffe moste pure
so let us praye his soule in bliss
maye hie and eke enduer.
Note: Incised slab.
Greenhill, Frank Allen. The incised slabs of Leicestershire and Rutland: prefaced by a brief manual of incised slabs. Leicester: Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society, 1958: 142-8.